Who can join Equality

  • Groups that are currently active and have an address in County Clare.
  • Groups that are set up on a not for profit basis.
  • Groups that have at least 5 members.
  • Groups that are open for new membership.
  • Groups that have been at least 3 months in existence.

Groups that are able to demonstrate their existence or activity in the county as a community and voluntary group to Clare PPN –this can be through them having a constitution and structure, through providing meeting minutes, or website and social media evidence or any other satisfactory method. Clare PPN’s secretariat will decide on each group’s eligibility with a view to including as many groups as possible.

Picking your College: 

The PPN is organised into three colleges or strands that group members according to their main interest or activity. These colleges are:

  • Community and Voluntary
  • Social Inclusion
  • Environmental

When you register with the PPN you should choose the college that most closely represents your main activity or interest. So if your group aims to combat poverty, ageism, racism, homelessness etc. then you should select the Social Inclusion College, whereas if your group is a Tidy Towns or sports group then you should select the Community and Voluntary College and if your group’s main aim is to raise awareness of climate change or promote sustainability then you should select the Environmental College.

NOTE: Groups who are joining the PPN’s environmental college must be validated by the environmental pillar at a national level. If the environmental pillar does not consider them to be an appropriate group for that college they may then join the community and voluntary college instead.

What Groups Can’t Join the PPN?

Who can join the PPN

Political parties may not join the PPN nor any organisations which have the aim of the promotion of a particular party or candidate.

Businesses or trade unions may not join the PPN – note this is not because we don’t like them, it’s because they or organisations representing their issues have already got their own seats on council committees and decision making bodies.

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Clare PPN is committed to working from an inclusive, social justice and anti-racist perspective and will not collaborate with or admit any group which promotes the exclusion of, or demeans any other ethnicity, culture, belief or capacity.


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