Your Rural Development SPC representatives


The following Clare PPN representatives were ratified at the Clare PPN plenary meeting on 8th October 2019.  We would like to offer our congratulations to them and look forward to working together to represent the interest of the people of County Clare.


Annie Wise – Environment College Representative

Anny WiseAnny Wise is nominated by An Taisce Clare branch and was born in Antwerp Belgium in 1942. She moved to Northern Ireland in 1985 and then to Shannon in 1990. She has three degrees and studied in Sussex, Antwerp and NUIGalway. Her latest master is in Rural Development which she completed in 2006. She was first nominated to an SPC in 2006 by the Environmental Pillar and served since having been elected to represent the environment by the PPN. The SPCs she served on were were involved in transport, planning and land use.



Eugene Crimmins – Community and Voluntary Representative

Eugene is a founding member of Newmarket Village Centre Text Alert. He is a committee member and former Chair of Newmarket on Fergus Tidy Towns. A former County Arts Officer, Eugene has a long established record of community development, including having served as a board member of Obair Environmental Development Association and Clare PPN Secretariat.




Jean O’Keefe – Social Inclusion College

Jean TierneyJean is a Youth Work Manager with Clare Youth Service and manages The Junction Youth and Community Building. Clare Youth Service had its beginnings in 1969 when it was established as the Clare Regional Youth Council. Over the years it has changed and developed to become a leader in the field of Youth Services. It is affiliated to Youth Work Ireland (t/a NYF).  The aim of Clare Youth Service is to assist the holistic development of young people and those who work with them so that they are enabled to participate fully in society in a way which respects the equal worth of all.

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