Your Economic Development SPC representatives


The following Clare PPN representatives were ratified at the Clare PPN plenary meeting on 8th October 2019.  We would like to offer our congratulations to them and look forward to working together to represent the interest of the people of County Clare.


Elaine Dalton – Social Inclusion Representative

Elaine D’Alton is the Project Coordinator of the NCCWN – Clare Women’s Network. Elaine is a feminist with a strong commitment to inclusion, human rights and ensuring the voices of women are brought to the forefront of decision making and their lived experiences are included and considered when structural, political and social policy development is being determined.




Emma Karran – Environmental Representative

Emma Karran is English born and has lived in Doonbeg with her family for four years. Her engagement in topics of local concern began when she became a member of the environmental group Futureproof Clare and joined the protest against the proposed LNG terminal in the Shannon estuary.
A mother herself and with links to the communities in south west Clare through her work, she wants to commit herself to deeper active involvement in the future health and well-being of the people of Clare and its land through being on the Strategic Policy Committee for Economic Development

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