Town Centre First policy document launched

The Town Centre First policy aims to create town centres that function as viable, vibrant and attractive locations for people to live, work and visit, while also functioning as the service, social, cultural and recreational hub for the local community.

The Town Centre First policy sets out a range of Actions which collectively will create the framework required to support our towns to achieve the desired outcomes and deliver on their own unique vision. These Actions are centred around improving our knowledge and understanding of our towns and what they need, enhancing the capacity of delivery agents to implement this ambitious policy, building new structures at national and local level, and ensuring that new and existing funds are co-ordinated and targeted towards the implementation of Town Centre First in each town. Key priorities in establishing and growing this framework include:
1. A network of Town Regeneration Officers
2. Capacity building programmes for Town Teams
3. A national, integrated and scaled-up Health Check Programme
4. A Town Centre First Toolkit to include a Web Portal
5. A targeted investment programme
6. Pathfinder towns
7. Mechanisms to put town centres at the heart of decision making
8. Better data which enhances our understanding of Ireland’s towns
9. A new National Town Centre First Office
10. Cross-Government focus and alignment

To view the policy document, click here: Town Centre First


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