The Local Economic & Community Plan (LECP) for County Clare contains fourteen high level goals along with specific actions to drive economic, social and community development in the county over the next six years. We would like your input into the guidelines that will inform the next LECP 2022-2027

About the LECP

The current Clare LECP (2016-2021)

LECP Guidelines 2015


Questions from Department of Community & Rural Development regarding the Local Economic and Community Plan Guidelines:

Question 1: What are your overall thoughts on the format of the current LECP Guidelines?

Question 2: The Government is committed to supporting climate action efforts, and action taken at local level will be an essential part of the national effort. In a new chapter on Climate Action, what do you believe should be included?

Question 3:  Continuing from Question 2, are there any other distinct policy areas that should have a dedicated section/chapter that should be included and why?

Question 4: We have adapted to the Covid-19 emergency and are now moving into the living with/recovery phase of the pandemic.  How do you feel that the LECP should best reflect this situation?

Question 5: Please provide any other comments or views that you wish to have considered in respect of the format/content of the LECP Guidelines.


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