Minutes of Clare PPN Plenaries Dec 2022

Minutes of Clare PPN Plenaries Dec 2022

(one online & one in-person)

Thursday, 8th December, 2022



Sarah Ferrigan gave an overview of the extensive work undertaken by Clare PPN in 2022. You can read/download our Work Report at this link:

The most significant piece of work undertaken by Clare PPN this year was the research project, ‘Towards an Anti-Poverty Strategy for Clare’. You can download a copy of the report here:

Appreciation was expressed for the County Council’s organising of a successful half-day event following on from the publication of the Anti-Poverty report, involving Councillors, Council staff, PPN reps and staff and other community representatives.

• Setting up of the Clare Traveller CDP was welcomed as an important step for Travellers in Clare.

• Membership: we now have 362 member groups. A re-registration process will take place in the first quarter of 2023.


Budget is on target. Our audited accounts are available on our website by searching ‘audited accounts’. Quarterly financial reports are also uploaded. We had a Departmental audit in 2022 – no issues raised.

All PPNs had looked for more funding from Dept of Rural & Community Development, as we don’t have enough. We had looked for €39,000 per PPN. Dept has told us there will be a modest increase. Likely to be €11,000 for each PPN. For Clare PPN, this will simply mean our funding meets our outgoings. We need further staff resources. At a minimum we need three full-time staff equivalent. Currently we are two full-time equivalent.


Sarah Clancy gave an overview. The draft Work Plan can be viewed here:

The Work Plan will be finalised by 15th January.

• Something we want to achieve in 2023 is organising a Migrant Forum for Clare discussions on how to go about this took place with an acknowledgement of previous approaches which were not successful- the idea of one forum for disparate groups of varying nationalities with little in common is not a good starting point. New starting point will be to engage with individual groups first. PPN will seek resources to do this.

• Pobal/LECP:
We are awaiting final word on a Pobal-funded project that relates to the public consultation process around the Local Economic & Community Plan (LECP). The aim of the project is to enshrine socio-economic rights and just transition principles into the LECP. This would mean funding of €40,000, which would pay for the person who will do the work (not existing PPN staff).


Theresa O’Donohoe & Martin Vernon reported on their trip as part of a youth delegation to the COP27 summit. All in all, the summit was a talking shop but great to see so much youth protest and ‘humbling’ to meet people from regions whose existence is threatened by climate chaos. You can read Theresa’s & Martin’s report at this page:

FEASTA COP-27 Delegate Reports


Congratulations to Bridgie Casey and Bridget Ginnity who were both elected as Clare PPN Reps on the LCDC (Local Community Development Committee).

Theresa O’Donoghue elected to Clare PPN Secretariat.

• Upcoming elections:
We have two vacant seats on our Secretariat, one each for Killaloe and Shannon Municipal Districts (MDs). The term is three years. (You can stand for a subsequent term also). Nominations can be from groups in those MDs.

There is also a seat for an Environmental Rep on the Physical Development SPC.

We will announce the election process online, followed by a 21-day period for nominations.


This EU funding is €6.6 million over 5 years, for rural and sustainable development. CLDC and Clare Co Council (LCDC) are both applying to be the delivery vehicle. An LCDC meeting has been called for next Tuesday 13th Dec to discuss whether LCDC should compete to be the body who oversees the LEADER funding in Clare –  funding that CLDC has been overseeing delivery of  for more than a decade. Very short notice – doesn’t allow proper PPN processes. Clare PPN can’t speak for all members without consulting them. Suggested that we will email all members to ask, via an online survey, what Clare PPN should do – vote yes, no or abstain- this later decided against in favour of an EGM instead.
Long discussion on this issue, with major concerns expressed about the Council’s move to apply for this funding through the LCDC and the conflicts and duplication that happened last time; with the lack of notice arising from this being raised under AOB rather than as an LCDC agenda item causing discontent among members.

Plenary agreed:
•  To call an EGM on Monday evening, 12th December via Zoom, at which the issue can be outlined to Clare PPN members, and they can decide how Clare PPN Reps should vote at Tuesday’s meeting (while noting that certain Reps may be precluded from voting due to possible conflicts of interest arising from their connections to either party).

• Agreed also that concerns should be expressed to Clare Co Council about the handling of this issue.
Some questions were raised as possible questions to put to Clare County Council/LCDC:
– Why does Council want to control the funding ?
What would be the workload and responsibility implications for members of the LCDC?
What extra resources would be assigned to LCDC members

What will happen to jobs in CLDC?


• The meeting expressed gratitude to the commitment and efforts of Cornelia Wahli to the PPN and to several other organisations who were lucky to have her as a member. Cornelia sadly died earlier this year. She was a PPN environmental Rep.

• Disappointment expressed at turnout at Plenary. Suggestion of combining another event, e.g. a guest speaker. Plenaries in future may be alternated between in-person and online (as opposed to having both for each plenary which is the current practice)

• Agreed that newsletter should include a line asking the contact person to share the newsletter within your member group. This request should be included in subject line.


Minutes of Clare PPN Plenary (Part 1), 13th August 2022 

Minutes of Clare PPN Plenary (Part 1), 13th August 2022

This Clare PPN Plenary is taking place in two phases, one in person, the second online. Below are the minutes of phase one. 

Wednesday, 13th August, 2022
Cloughleigh Community Centre, Ennis

Attendance: 16

Facilitator: Padraig Hayes

Work Report
Sarah Clancy summarised Clare PPN’s diverse and extensive work in recent months. Praise all round for the quality and quantity of work being done by volunteers and staff. Details in the Clare PPN Work report for April to June 2022. 

Anti-Poverty Strategy: Sarah briefed on preliminary findings of Conor McCabe’s research and on plans for launch of report. There was a good discussion about this and about how to proceed/use the strategy. 

Finance Report
Details are available at the end of Clare PPN Work report for April to June 2022.

Vacancies: Clare PPN Reps & Secretariat
Two vacancies on then Clare PPN Secretariat, one from Shannon area, one from Environmental College. 

Two vacancies for Reps, both on the LCDC (Local Community Development Committee) of Clare County Council: one each from the Social Inclusion and Environmental Colleges.  

Details of election to be announced via email and our website & social media in coming days. 

Forthcoming changes to structure of Joint Policing Committee
Madeline McAleer, who is Clare PPN’s Rep on Clare’s Joint Policing Committee, updated on these important changes. This is an opportunity to seek to ensure a more community oriented representation. 

National Review of PPNs
This review was conducted by Mazars consultants. There are three proposals in the review. PPN workers nationally have discussed the review and don’t see anything in them that will fix issues with PPNs. We think they need to be more proactive; the review approaches PPNs as a problem not as potential. 

People can make submissions in relation to the review by 31st August. Clare PPN hopes to hold a meeting for our members in advance of our submission. Social Justice Ireland also plans to hold consultations. You can read the review here:

Community Group training needs for autumn
If your group needs training, let us know by emailing admin@clareppn.ie
For example writing funding applications. 

Priorities for next quarter
Environmental: Extractive industries, Fuel poverty, data centres, climate action & adaptation.
Social Inclusion college has many things going on. 

Plan is to hold every second Plenary meeting in person. 


Minutes and report on Clare PPN’s Plenary Meeting October 12th 2020


Please find below minutes from Clare PPN’s Plenary Meeting of October 12th 2020.

The attached files detail the preliminary findings of Clare PPN’s Wellbeing Vision Survey which were discussed at this meeting and the individual college discussions on same. All of these will be taken into account in the drafting of Wellbeing Vision Statements for County Clare and its four Municipal Districts. Members have been notified of further opportunities to discuss their vision for their Municipal Districts before drafting begins.

Preliminary Findings of Clare PPN’s Wellbeing Vision Survey: ClarePPN Wellbeing survey_preliminaryOverview

Thanks to all who attended our Plenary Meeting we value your contributions greatly.

Minutes and Notes: Clare PPN Plenary Meeting October 12th 2020 – Online


Sarah Clancy, Sarah Ferrigan, William Hederman, Tracy Watson, Theresa O’Donohoe, Peggy Ryan, Pat Neville, Padraic Hayes, Orla Ni Eili, Oonagh O’Dwyer, Noel Kearney, Monica McKenna, Maureen Rynne. Mary Coffey, Kay Murphy, Jean O’Keefe. Hilary Tonge, Helen Liddy. Emma Karan, Damon Mathew Wise AU, Cornelia Wahli, Colette Bradley, Cillian Griffney, Mary Mather Leahy. Fionnuala Collins, Madeline Mc Aleer.

Apologies: Mary O’Donoghue, Dermot Hayes.

Work report presented

Secretariat Environment College Elections Announced

Ratifications of new representatives as follows:

  • Dermot Hayes, Social Inclusion Secretariat Member, proposed by Hilary Tonge, seconded by Cornelia Wahli.
  • Kay Murphy Shannon Municipal District Secretariat Member, proposed by Theresa O’Donohoe, seconded by Colette Bradley.
  • Monica McKenna Community and Voluntary Secretariat Member, proposed by Maureen Rynne, seconded by Oonagh O’Dwyer.
  • Elaine D’Alton, Social Inclusion Secretariat Rep proposed by Padraic Hayes, seconded by Noel Kearney.
  • Cornelia Wahli Environment Rep on LCDC proposed by Colette Bradley, seconded by Tracy Watson.
  • Dermot Hayes Social Inclusion Rep on LCDC proposed by Martin Vernon, seconded by Orla Ni Eili.

Notice of pre-draft consultation on County Development Plan. Clare PPN to contact all colleges to organise submissions.

Winners announced of Wellbeing Vision Statement Draw as follows our thanks to Mary Howard Cathaoirleach of Clare County Council for selecting the winners.

Fishbowl Youth €500 Donation

Kay Murphy €100 voucher

Bonnie Boyle €100 voucher

Claire O’Meara €100 voucher

Louise Mitchell €100 voucher

Overview of Wellbeing Vision Survey presented and notice given of 8 x Municipal District Zoom Meetings taking place week of 19th – 24th October for further input and discussion.

College Discussion Break Outs on Wellbeing Vision were conducted – notes attached here: Clare PPN College Discussions Clare PPN Plenary

Members Agenda Items:

Proposed by Cornelia Wahli:

As part of our approach to the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis: Clare PPN seeks to work towards ‘An Organic Clare’ and to promote this idea in whatever forums, submissions or other opportunities we are engaged in. As part of this proposal Clare PPN should engage with Clare County Council about the lands under the guardianship of the Local Authority. This proposal was adopted.

Proposed by Cornelia Wahli:

Slim Your Bin Challenge – to Clare PPN itself, to Clare County Council and for promotion to the wider public. This proposal was discussed and Clare PPN staff agreed to take it on as an organisational approach when they return from remote working. The idea was not adopted formally as it however a commitment to come up with ways to promote and encourage this approach through Clare PPN was agreed on.

Proposed by Emma Karan

That Clare PPN undertake to contact councillors and the Local Authority to seek action on industrial waste at Aughnish on the Shannon Estuary. This was proposal was adopted. It was further proposed that Clare PPN should investigate the possibility of making a submission in respect of this to the Marine Spatial Plan process.

Proposed by Theresa O’Donohoe

Clare PPN, and Clare County Council previously adopted positions indicating their opposition to any plans for shale gas extraction commonly known as ‘fracking’ on the Island of Ireland. Clare PPN as part of its policy work on the Climate and Biodiversity Crisis also previously adopted a motion of opposition to the proposed Shannon LNG Terminal. An agreement not to proceed with Shannon LNG formed part of the current programme for national government.  Theresa noted that Clare PPN should extend its position to include our opposition to the importation of fracked gas from any other jurisdiction or country. This proposal was adopted.

Proposed by Mary O’Donoghue via Sarah Clancy

That Clare PPN should reaffirm its solidarity with the Traveller Community in Clare and nationally and our commitment to work against discrimination in our community and local services. That we should extend our sympathies once more to the families and friends of those whose lives were tragically lost in the Carrickmines fire five years ago.  This proposal was adopted.

Meeting Closed.


Minutes of representatives and secretariat meeting June 3rd 2020

Minutes of Clare PPN Reps meeting 

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Present: Damon Matthew Wise, Emma Karan, Eugene Cremins, Fionnuala Collins, George Atijohn, Hilary Tonge, James Giller, Mary Leahy, Mary O’Donoghue, Noel Kearney, Oonagh O’Dwyer, Padraic Hayes, Madeline McAleer, Sarah Clancy, Sarah Ferrigan, William Hederman

Apologies: Aisling Wheeler, Annie Wise, Elaine Dalton, Helen Liddy, Jean O’Keefe

Facilitated by: Sarah Ferrigan

Minutes: William Hederman


Suggestions on the Work Plan from the last meeting included: developing a Communications Strategy, both media and social media; encouraging people to support local businesses; encouraging people to protect bees and biodiversity.


County Council due to meet next Monday, 8th June, in Glór. SPCs due to start meeting in June. This week a call was also made for the LCDC to meet soon.

Several people said the PPN Reps had been ignored for the past three months. The Council has not involved the voice of the community during the pandemic, when in fact this is exactly when community’s input is needed. Agreed that this should be raised, but noted that councillors are not necessarily the ones to target, as they may also be feeling left out.


Sarah Ferrigan gave an update. Once running/fixed costs have been accounted for, we have approx €4,500, to spend mostly on ‘Training & Development’ and ‘Projects & Events’. This is a low amount.

We have pre-paid €1,800 for training in three areas: Cultural Diversity & Anti-Racism; Local Government; Media. This can be online.

We also have paid for some venues for events. And for some transport with Clare Bus.


Sarah Clancy: key ambitions are becoming more effective at having the views of community and voluntary sector taken on board at local authority level; and encouraging participation and a sense of ownership of the PPN among people in Clare.

Open discussion – suggestions were based mostly around:

  1. i) mental health, especially due to effects of lockdown;
  2. ii) supporting people to retrain, refocus careers, an ideas fair;

iii) seminars / webinars

Noel: Can we include in PPN people with mental health difficulties? Also, we should tie in with Aoife Boland of  AIRES Mid West/ HSE.

Sarah C: We can do events around mental health, but note that our role is to influence policy, not to provide service. We need to make sure mental health is considered in all relevant forums. Should we declare that we are a mental health friendly organisation?

Mary O’D: Suggests a poster and a spread in Clare Champion about all the orgs and agencies you can contact if you’re feeling down.

Hilary: Good time to boost the PPN online, as everyone is at home and online. Boost posts. Perhaps a weekly training session; life coaching.

Damon: Disabled People need social events, some don’t use social media very much.

Mary O’Donoghue: Points we are raising here should be expanded and input into Clare LECP (Local Economic and Community Plan), which is up for review soon, and other county-wide plans. Good opportunity to gather people’s views.

Fionnuala Collins : suggests holding an online conference on belonging to a democracy, focusing on the need for open, transparent input and decision-making. Also, we should signpost about options for getting back into the community – classes, social interaction, which places offer counselling, community garden etc

James Giller: Good time to invite public to participate, like the ‘What do we want?’ submissions. Also, pandemic has highlighted discrimination. Ask Council to push for policies to prevent and lessen discrimination. And suggests training for use of online tools.

Madeline: A webinar on ‘Where to post-Covid?’, with follow-up events and trainings, with the PPN leading with the message that community representation needs to be very strong now at decision-making level.


Madeline was contacted by a Colin McGann, who is making a documentary on people’s experiences in Clare during COVID:

Please note that we have his contacts but don’t want to share them online



Monday 15th June, 2020 at 6:30pm