Clare PPN Notice of Elections May 21st 2018

Clare PPN Notice of Elections

21st of May 2018

Acceptance of nominations has been extended to Thursday 7th June at 5pm.

Clare Public Participation Network gives notice of its intention to conduct elections from among its membership for the following positions which have become vacant.
  1. Killaloe Municipal District Secretariat Member.
  2. Social Inclusion College Representative to sit on Clare County Council’s Local Community Development Committee (LCDC).
  3. Community and Voluntary College Representative to sit on Clare County Council’s Social Development Strategic Policy Committee (SPC)
Clare PPN seeks nominations from its member groups for candidates for each of the above roles.

Election Rules and Process:

  • Only groups who were members of Clare PPN on 20th  of May 2018 are eligible to vote in these elections.
  • No person can represent Clare PPN on more than one external committee or body.
  • Only groups with registered from addresses in Killaloe Municipal District may nominate or vote for that Secretariat seat. (Position 1)
  • Only groups who are members of the Social Inclusion College may nominate or vote for the Social Inclusion Representative Seat (Position 2)
  • Only groups who are members of the Community and Voluntary Pillar may vote for the Community and Voluntary Seat on the Social Development SPC (Position 3)

Each member group may nominate one candidate and may cast one vote in the relevant election- it is each group’s named contact person’s responsibility to consult with their own members in regard to this.

If any group is uncertain about their Municipal District or College they can contact us on 087 1617375 or by email to

How to nominate a candidate:

Groups wishing to nominate a candidate must seek their consent first and then must send us an email to with the following information on or before Thursday,June 7th at 5 PM :

  1. Name of Community Group.
  2. Position number for which they are nominating a candidate.
  3. Name of proposed nominee.
  4. Contact details of proposed nominee.
  5. A short paragraph (up to 200 words) detailing the nominees’ suitability and experience for the role- this will be shared on social media and on our website in advance of voting.
  6. A photo of your nominee which we may share with our members and social media followers.

Clare PPN will confirm receipt of nominations by email.

Following the close of nominations Clare PPN will circulate details of candidates to our members and online and voting will be open until June 13th at 5pm.  

The names of the successful candidates will be announced at Clare PPN’s plenary meeting which will take place on June 14th 2018. Details to follow.

NB: Even if you have nominated a candidate you will still need to cast your vote to support their election.

Details: Position 1. Killaloe Municipal District Secretariat Member

Clare PPN is managed by a board known as the Secretariat. This secretariat is responsible for running the Public Participation Network in Clare between plenary meetings where the member groups’ views and input are sought.  Clare PPN has two part time staff and an annual budget of €80,000 per year in funding which is provided by the Department of Rural and Community Development and Clare County Council. The secretariat which is a flat structure meets at least six times per year with those meetings usually taking place in Ennis County Clare.  Candidates will also be required to attend events and meetings organised by the PPN itself for the purposes of consulting with our member groups. Clare PPN is currently seeking nominations for a representative from the Killaloe Municipal District. The ideal candidate will be a person who is well connected with community groups in the area and someone who has a genuine interest in increasing participation by local groups in Local Government Structures. Whilst all correctly nominated candidates will go forward equally Clare PPN would particularly welcome women candidates for this role to assist with gender balance on the Secretariat which is currently 7/3 men/ women.

For more details on the current secretariat see here

Details; Position 2. Social Inclusion Representative on Clare County Council’s Local Community Development Committee.

The Local Community Development Committee is comprised of Council Officials, Elected Councillors, and various business and community representatives. Among other things LCDC has the job of developing and overseeing the community elements of Clare County Council’s  6 year long Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP). This is an important committee for Clare PPN and its members and we have 5 seats on it. The vacancy is for a social inclusion seat and we would encourage nominations of people who have an understanding or experience or interest in any of the following areas; combatting social exclusion, poverty reduction, anti-discrimination policy making, community development, intercultural and anti-racism work.  This committee meets 5- 6 times per year and the successful nominee will also be required to participate on occasion in other networking, consultation  and policy making events with member groups and Clare PPN secretariat.

For more details on Clare PPN’s representatives on the LCDC see here here

For more details on the Local Community Development Committee itself see here

Details: Position 3. Community and Voluntary Representative on Clare County Council’s Social Development Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) 

This committee is made up of Elected Councillors, Council Officials and community and social partner representatives. They have the role of helping to form, advise and monitor all policies relating to housing, estate management, culture and sports in County Clare. The task of each SPC is to assist and advise the council in the formulation, development and review of policy.  This committee meets approximately 4- 5 times per year. The successful nominee would be required to participate in other events organised by Clare PPN to inform, network and consult with members on the activities of this committee.  For this role Clare PPN are seeking a nominee from the community and voluntary college who preferably has an interest in some or all of the following- arts policy and funding and community art, sports and sports development in County Clare and as this committee deals primarily with issues of housing we would welcome someone who would be willing to participate constructively on matters of housing policy in County Clare.

For more details on Clare PPN’s representatives on this committee please see : here

For more details about the SPC itself from Clare County Council please see Here

For any further information about any of the above roles or Clare PPN’s election processes please feel free to call us on 087 1617375.

Election Election Election….Notice of Election for Social Inclusion College Secretariat Representative

Monday 29th January 2018

Clare PPN notice of election / Call for nominations of candidates from our Social Inclusion member groups: 

Clare PPN has a vacancy on its ‘Secretariat’ for a new member. The Secretariat is the voluntary board that manages the activities of Clare PPN for our member groups. This vacancy  is only open to members of our social inclusion groups and only those groups can vote in this election (there is a list of eligible groups at the foot of this article). In order to strengthen Clare PPN’s knowledge and awareness of social inclusion issues we are hoping that a candidate will come forward who has experience of working well with groups who experience poverty or marginalisation for any reason (ethnicity, race, immigration status, age, ability, mental health etc etc) or who themselves has direct experience of being part of one of those communities.  This is a great opportunity to help to ensure that Clare Public Participation Network is as good as it can be and it’s an exiting time to get involved. Clare PPN was set up successfully over the last three years in Clare and is now looking to build and develop for the future.

Candidates for the Social Inclusion vacancy must be nominated by a Social Inclusion organisation and it is only the Social Inclusion organisations which have a vote for this position.  Each group can nominate one candidate and vote for one candidate.  Experience in Social Inclusion policy would be desirable but a range of experience and diversity is welcome.

What will the person have to do as a member of the secretariat?  The Secretariat meets six times per year in Ennis with travel and subsistence provided when necessary. It also devises the work plan and strategy for Clare PPN which come from both the official formal function the PPN has to deliver and the views of the member groups.  The proposed duration of Secretariat membership is February 2018 to May 2019 (local elections) with the option to remain for a maximum of five years as decided by the secretariat as a whole.

How will this election work?

Nominations are open now and close on February 9th 2018.

Step one:  In advance of nominating a candidate please make sure of the following:

  • The person you are nominating is a member of a social inclusion group in Clare PPN
  • The person you are nominating agrees to stand for the position and can make the required time commitment.

Step two: Nominate the chosen person by sending us an email to with the subject line Nomination for Social Inclusion Secretariat Seat on or before the deadline of February 9th 2018 In this email you must include the following:

  • Your name and the name of the group you are nominating on behalf of.
  • Your chosen candidate’s name, address, contact details and a short biography of their experience which we can share with all members.

Step three: Clare PPN will circulate the list of nominees to all members of Clare PPN’s social inclusion college via email and members will then be allowed to vote for their chosen candidate by return email.  The election will be completed on or before Wednesday 20th February and the person with the highest number of votes will be elected.  Please note that even if you nominate a candidate you will also need to cast a vote once the list of nominees has been finalised.

Any questions related to this or to the role of a secretariat member can be directed to Sarah on 087 1617375

Email your nominations to on or before February 9th 2018. 

List of eligible groups for nominating candidates and voting in this election:

  1. Redeem Christian Church of God
  2. Haven Horizons
  3. The Willow Counselling Centre
  4. Camphill Community Mountshannon
  5. Obair Social Inclusion Project
  6. Arás Mhuire Housing Association Ltd
  7. West Clare Community & Education Centre Ltd
  8. Brothers of Charity Clare
  9. Ennis Mental Health Association
  10. West Clare Family Resource Centre
  11. Ennis & Clare Samaritans
  12. Hype Youth Group
  13. Clare Citizen Information Service
  14. North West Clare Family Resource Centre
  15. Inagh Housing Association Ltd
  16. District Day Care Centre
  17. Shannon Active Retirement Association
  18. Friends of Ennistymon Hospice Co
  19. Multicultural Council of Ireland
  20. Clare Network of NCPD
  21. Clare Women’s Network
  22. Society of St Vincent de Paul, Clarecastle
  23. Clare Crusaders Children’s Clinic
  24. Shannon Family Resource Centre
  25. Cuan an Chláir
  27. Inis Housing Association Ltd
  28. Clare Haven Services
  29. Clarecare
  30. Association for Nigerian community in clare
  31. Employability Clare
  32. Clare Immigrant Support Centre
  33. Fishbowl Youth
  34. Polish Irish Association
  35. Clare Older People’s Forum
  36. Caring for Carers Ireland
  37. Clare Center for Independent Living.
  38. Clare Youth Service
  39. Tulla (Clare) Reaching Out
  40. Seeking Vision Ltd
  41. Clare Accessible Transport
  42. Killaloe/Ballina Community & Family Resource Centre
  43. Clare Citizens Information Service
  44. Clare Housing Action Group
  45. Abortion Rights Campaign (ARC Clare)



Election of a PPN Rep for Leader Programme Evaluation- Deadline 6th November

We are now conducting an election by e-mail for a representative of the PPN to sit on CLDC’s Community Development and Social Inclusion Evaluation Committee for the LEADER Programme.

Who can vote: Member groups of Clare PPN who have been members for 3 months or longer at the time of this election and who meet the conditions for membership as detailed here are entitled to one vote per group.

How to vote: All voting will take place by e-mail and all votes must be submitted on or before November 6th

Send your votes to and in your message please include the following

  • Name of your group
  • Name of the ONE person you are nominating from the four candidates below
  • A statement that your group has been a member of Clare PPN for more than three months and currently meets the membership criteria (you can check the criteria here if you are unsure).

The nominees are as follows:

George Atijohn of The Multi Cultural Council of Ireland: Geroge was nominated by Dermot Hayes from Clare Centre for Independent Living and by Abiodun Hakeem Ladigbolu from the Association of Nigerian Community in Clare. He has an MA in Business as well as a Post Graduate Diploma Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology and a Diploma in General Agriculture. He has a certificate in Information Technology and also a Certified Microsoft Professional (MCP). He has over 14 years’ experience in management.  George was a former Chief executive of K.G.Telecom LTD as CEO he was able to develop and manage international relationships with over fifty companies in four continents. These alliances involved the sharing of technical information, price negotiation and other financial matters. He currently consults for SMEs’ in the area of management and Information technology. He has practical experience and knowledge in creating value for SME’s and non-governmental organisations by helping them to develop strategic goals and plans in keeping with their core values and objectives. George’s areas of interest in management are Strategic Marketing, Strategic Management and Knowledge Management.  George is also a Minister of God and a politician; he stood for election as an Independent candidate in the Clare County Council (Republic of Ireland) in 2014. He is currently the president and founder of Multicultural Council of Ireland. George was a former voluntary tutor with the adult education in Ennis

Joe Corbett of Spancilhill / Clooney Community Alert: Joe Corbett is the Chairperson of Spancilhill/Clooney Community Alert and was nominated by Frances Grace of the same group. Joe Corbett is a Self Employed Business Owner for the past 27 years. The following is a brief note of some of his work carried out as a Community Activist and Representative. He is involved in a number of Organisations which include: He is the chairperson of the above named group. He is certified in Business Law. He is a member of the Strategic Policy Committee for Environment and Transport of Clare County Council. He is an executive member of the Ennis Chamber of Commerce. He is the chairperson of Clooney/Quin Community Gathering and of DWD (dealing with debt) and of Clare Communities Creating Jobs (CCJ).  He is a member of the Irish Farmer’s Association and is a registered lobbyist.

Eugene Crimmins: Eugene is the Chairperson of Newmarket on Fergus Tidy Towns and was nominated by Thomas Neylon of the same group.  Eugene runs a food sector SME in Newmarket on Fergus. He has over 15 years experience in community, youth, sporting  and cultural clubs as a member and at officer level in Clare and Limerick. He is an active member of Tidy Towns, which he currently Chairs. He is a board member of Obair Environmental, a community development organisation which runs TUS and community employment schemes. In addition they manage a village community cafe and run ‘meals  on wheels’  for the south Clare catchment area. He has considerable hands on experience of the funding processes as a client and as an administrator. He has been involved in numerous successful funding application bids for various entities at county and national level,  including Local Authority, LEADER, Enterprise Ireland and the EU.  As a mature  student he recently qualified at  postgraduate level in Public administration. He has a specific interest in best practice in the public administration. His personal interests lie in good governance, openness, transparency and accountability.

Karen Wise of the National Council for People With Disabilities: Karen  is the current chairperson for the NCPD. She has been previously been a treasurer in a government-funded body.  She has dealt with funding requests and allocated funds for such.  She has been trained in corporate governance and the responsibilities of a company director.  She has caught out a number of questionable claims and stopped them.  She is the National Chair of a charity that doesn’t seek funding.  There will be no conflict arising.  She has over 20 years experience volunteering.  She has a qualification in Business Management including accounting.  Her mantra long before the scandals hit the charity sector was that this was taxpayer’s money, it should be used to maximum effect for least amount of expenditure.  Karen knows how to evaluate a funding proposal.  She is vigilant and sticks to the rules.  She isn’t out to make friends.

Sincere thanks to all our candidates and to those who nominated them.






Notice of Election – Fisheries Local Action Group requires a board member from Clare PPN

28th September 2016 Notice of Election

Clare PPN has been invited to elect a person to the board of Fisheries Local Action Group West (FLAG West)

What is FLAG West?

FLAG stands for Fisheries Local Action Group and these are community led local development organisations which aim to place the community living in fisheries and aquaculture dependent areas at their centre. Groups of people representing defined geographical areas in the form of Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) are charged with identifying the challenges to development in their own communities and developing initiatives to address these challenges. Through Local Development Strategies (LDSs), FLAG’s seek to facilitate participation by all parties who wish to contribute to this process,
thus ensuring that each LDS is as representative of the community view as possible. The FLAG group will have the ability to distribute and allocate funding to various projects which are identified under each LDS.

A briefing document about the purpose and remit of FLAG groups is attached here:


A factsheet about FLAG West can be found at this link:


Interested candidates may also e-mail Mr Seamus Breathnach, FLAG West Co-ordinator for more details of the role at  or call him on 095 32028 / 087 9093273

Person Specification:

This person must live in one of the coastal areas of County Clare and it would be beneficial if they have been active in community development in coastal areas, with candidates who have experience of marine and coastal tourism, environment, or fishing being most welcome. A female candidate is preferred due to the current gender balance of the board.

The role has a three year term with approximately 4- 6 meetings taking place per year and basic travel and subsistence expenses will be paid by FLAG west to the nominee. As well as a briefing by the organisation’s chair there will be training provided to the successful candidate on an ongoing basis.

How to Nominate a Candidate:

  • Current Member groups of Clare PPN who meet the membership criteria can nominate one person each – we recommend that each group’s contact person makes their members aware of this election and seeks their input.
  • The person nominated must also be a member of a group which is a member of Clare PPN.
  • The person nominated must live in a coastal region of the county and must have agreed to their own nomination.

We need you to send the name, group, address and contact details of the nominee as well as the proposer’s name, group and contact details to me along with a brief description of the nominee’s suitability for the role- no more than 200 words.

Please be aware this information about the nominee will be shared throughout our network and on social media so please ask for the nominee’s consent before sending.

Nominations must be submitted on or before October 10th after which all candidate details will be circulated to members and they will be asked to vote by email for the candidate of their choice with a cut off date for voting of Wednesday 19th of October 2016.