Rural Development SPC – 18th September 2018

Report by Anny Wise

Representative Name

Anny Wise

Committee Name

SPC Rural Development

Date of meeting:
  • Date / Time 09/18/2018
Your college
  • Environment
Municipal District
  • Shannon
Were you asked to raise any issues on behalf of Clare PPN members at this meeting?

Clarification of Terms of Reference of newly appointment Development Officers

Main topics discussed at the meeting:

Rural Development areas and Tourism

List any decisions made at the meeting:

Draft of Policy on Columbrium Walls discussed and approved.  Meeting the newly appointed Tourism officer and agreeing to preparing a County Clare Tourism Strategy

There have been four Local Development Officers appointed: each one having their own Municipal District. 3 attended the meeting.

Realising Clare’s Rural Potential – Our Life, Our Home 2026 has 8 objectives.

  1. 4,000 jobs in rural areas over 10 years
  2. Community-run Multi-Service Centres
  3. Towns working together and Parishes partnering each other.
  4. Managing the Environment
  5. Age-Friendly Communities
  6. Celebrating the rural way of life
  7. Broadband and Digital
  8. Transport, Education and Water
Do you require any action to be taken by Clare PPN staff as a result of this meeting?

Aspect of the Terms of reference for the 4 Local Development offices are within the approved County Rural Development plan called “Realising Clare’s Rural Potential 2016.

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