Request for Tender: Research and training pilot project on Just Transition and Socio Economic Rights in Clare. 

Clare Public Participation Network in collaboration with Clare County Council, Clare Local Development Company and Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board, is seeking proposals for a researcher or researcher(s) to lead the development of an innovative pilot project that seeks to enshrine Socio-Economic Rights and Just Transition Principles in County Clare’s Local Economic and Community Plan. This is a time- limited project for which the consultative phase of work is expected to be complete by end of May 2023 with other aspects such as written reports and submissions being finalised later but no later than September 2023.

We are open to joint applications for example from a specialist in socio- economic rights working with a specialist in just- transition, or any other collaboration.

Whilst Clare PPN staff will oversee and administer this project it will be informed by a steering group of people with lived experience of poverty, marginalisation, disability and social exclusion in County Clare. Those tendering should expect to meet monthly with this steering group either online or in person for the duration of the project.

The successful applicant(s) will:

  • Have a deep understanding of socio economic rights nationally and internationally, an understanding of and experience working with communities who experience disadvantage and poverty. We particularly welcome expressions of interest from researchers who have worked to address and analyse the intersectional nature of disadvantage (including gender, disability, ethnicity, class and residency status).
  • Have an understanding of policy making in/for rural or rural- adjacent areas.
  • Have expertise in just transition principles, climate change and climate action..
  • Have an understanding of policy making in Ireland in particular in relation to Local Government. Demonstrate an understanding of National, Regional and EU policy frameworks as they apply to Local Government policy.
  • Have an understanding of other frameworks such as Public Sector Duty and Sustainable Development Goals which will serve to underpin any recommendations made as a result of this pilot project.

Tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Conduct a desktop study of existing data and research on Socio Economic Rights, Just Transition and poverty in Clare building on from the recently published ‘Towards an Anti-Poverty Strategy for Clare’.
  • Working with staff and members of Clare PPN devise and deliver an introductory training programme explaining Socio-Economic Rights and Just Transition Principles in Clare for stakeholders including some or all of the following; groups who experience intersectional deprivation, staff of community organisations and agencies, staff and Councillors from Clare County Council, TDS/Senators, trade union groups, and representative bodies for example from farming and tourism sectors. Up to 6 online and/or in person workshops should be factored into tenders.
  • Will develop an ethical research framework for a stakeholder consultation process.
  • Will advise on and assist with the hosting of consultations/surveys /interviews to ascertain stakeholders views and suggestions on enshrining socio economic rights and just transition principles within policy in County Clare in particular within Clare’s Local Economic and Community Plan. Up to 8 online and/or in person consultations should be factored into tenders.
  • Will analyse and produce a written interim and final report on the findings from the research and consultations including identifying specific policy responses and actions to address key issues.
  • Will be open to working with a creative practitioner who will create visual representations of input from consultations.
  • Will, through Clare PPN steering group and staff collaborate with Clare County Council’s Economic Development Strategic Policy Committee, Local Community Development Committee, and LECP Consultant team to share learning and expertise.


This project is supported by the Department of Rural and Community Development and the Dormant Accounts Fund. Minister Joe O’Brien announces pilot projects to support Local Authority engagement with marginalised communities – Pobal

Clare PPN is a network of 362 community and voluntary groups in County Clare who work collectively for the wellbeing of this and future generations and organise the formal representation of community groups in the policy formation committees of Clare County Council.

The principles and values that underpin the work of Clare PPN are;  inclusive, participatory, independent, valuing of diversity, transparent and accountable.

Key Objectives of the project:

  • To deliver an introductory training programme that builds a shared understanding of socio- economic rights and just transition principles amongst stakeholders in local government policy making in Clare.
  • To produce a report from consultation inputs which can be submitted to Clare County Council’s Local Community and Economic Plan and which contains specific recommendations on realising socio economic rights in Clare and which according to just transition principles, outlines measures and approaches that can help ensure that those who experience poverty and marginalisation are protected from and where possible benefit from actions and changes to reduce carbon emissions in the County.
  • To locate, create and provide solid data on the lived experiences in County Clare in particular in relation to socio economic rights. In this aspect of the project the researchers will have the opportunity to consult with and inform a team of consultants currently working to develop the Local Economic and Community Plan for County Clare. It is possible that aspects of this project will overlap with that of the LECP consultants. Clare PPN will provide the opportunities for both ‘teams’ to link together and share information and has established already a willingness to collaborate.
  • To collaborate with Pobal and three other pilot projects to share learning both positive or critical from this initiative.



The budget for this tender is €20,000 inclusive of all the researcher(s) expenses including travel and subsistence and inclusive of VAT. A detailed breakdown of the proposed tender is requested. It is estimated that approximately 60 days work will be required from the successful tenderer(s).  This amount is fixed, no matter the number of researchers involved the available funds are as stated.

Please note that fees relating to venues, meeting expenses, participants expenses, promotion and publication of reports are not included in this amount. A current tax clearance certificate will be required. This contract will be awarded on the basis of a fixed price contract. The successful consultant(s) is (are) expected to work within the agreed budget.


The closing date for receipt of tenders is Monday, 20th March 2023. The successful tender will be informed within one week of closing date and should be ready to commence work immediately.

Tender can be forwarded to for the attention of Sarah Clancy, with any supporting documents.

The tender must include the following:

  • Methodology to be used
  • Description of expertise and experience including an understanding or previous work demonstrating understanding of socio economic rights, just transition and climate action and preferably class based and intersectional structures of marginalisation
  • Breakdown of time allocations and ability to meet deadlines stated
  • Samples of previous strategies or reports (attached to tender)
  • Detailed budget in Euros and inclusive of VAT, including all costs associated with the work such as preparation time and travel expenses
  • Referees

Clare PPN shall not accept any responsibility for any expenses or loss, which may be incurred in the preparation of a Tender.

Selection Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated against the following criteria:

Criterion – Max score available

  • Qualifications, Relevant Experience, Track Record – 40%
  • Methodology, Understanding of the Brief – 40%
  • Cost of successful project delivery and value for money – 20%
  • Total Maximum Score Available – 100%

Failure to comply with the above selection criteria will result in disqualification from the tendering process.  Clare PPN may wish to conduct interviews on the basis of evaluating the tenders received.

Clare PPN particularly welcomes tenders from researchers with lived experience of marginalisation, disability poverty or other forms of social exclusion.


All information supplied in connection with this Tender shall be regarded as confidential and by submitting an offer, the Tenderer agrees to be bound by the obligation to preserve the confidentiality of all such information.

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