Reps report on the 19th February 2020 Physical Development Committee SPC – James Giller

Were you asked to raise any issues on behalf of Clare PPN members at this meeting?

Yes, I was asked to raise the issue that Clare PPN was listed as a stakeholder in advance consultations on the Limerick-Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy, but we were not properly consulted.


Main topics discussed at the meeting:

There was a presentation about the Limerick-Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (LSMATS,) which highlighted some of Clare County Council’s main concerns and provided an approximate schedule until public consultation is opened. The Limerick North Distributor Road (LNDR) and an Economic Strategic Development Zone are priorities for Clare County Council. The Council has also provided input on bus services between Shannon, Ennis, and Limerick; development of the western rail corridor (Limerick to Sligo,) and a rail link to Shannon; and cycling facilities around Shannon Airport and Industrial Areas, as well as for residents in Clare in areas close to the city. The following were presented as “Other Key Issues:” – Climate change: reduce car trips, manage traffic, increase mass transit – Transport provision to 3rd level educational institutions – Electric vehicle infrastructure – Traffic noise reduction: reduce speeds, improve road surfaces – Transport provision to Bunratty After receiving a draft on February 21, the Council should return comments to NTA and Jacobs/Systra by March 6. Another draft is to be received by the Council on March 13, then public consultation will begin after March 20. There wa a presentation on a relatively new emergency weather warning system developed on behalf of the Council. Cyril Feeney spoke about a document recently published by the LGMA and CCMA: “Climate Change, Global Issue Local Leadership.”


List any decisions made at the meeting:

Carmel Kirby said she would give the PPN an email address to submit comments on the LSMATS to the NTA.


Do you require any action to be taken by Clare PPN staff as a result of this meeting?

Yes, follow up with Carmel Kirby to access the draft LSMATS, if possible, and receive the email address to send comments to the NTA. It would be good to schedule a meeting of representatives to draft our submission ASAP.

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