Reps report on 15th September 2020 Rural Development SPC – Anny Wise

Representative Name
Anny Wise

The two PPN Representatives were the only ones attending via Zoom – but the main committee who were in the Council chamber could not be heard by us. They could hear us but we could neither see them nor hear them. The Chair or people giving the reports were summarising what people were saying. Despite our patience being tested to the maximum we did get taken notice – in fact we were given priority as they felt guilty.

I got to ask the questions about what graveyards were available to some of the 12% of Clare’s population who are not Christian. The answer was no graveyard facilities for them other than the same as everyone else. It was then suggested that this would be discussed in the forthcoming review.

Leonard Cleary told the meeting that I had offered Pro Sweeney’s video and it was agreed that this would be covered in the November meeting.  They asked to view it before the meeting. I am to ask for this from John Sweeney.

I noticed that the Community Funding was from March to September – this would not allow many environmental projects, due to the Habitats Directive.

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