Reps report from Mary Coffey – Clare Rural Development Forum 3rd November 2021

Were you asked to raise any issues on behalf of Clare PPN members at this meeting?
No this was my first meeting so it was to early to start to raise issues, it was to see how things work and meet the representatives involved

Main topics discussed at the meeting:
The review of the Clare Rural Development programme. Overview of the pillars followed by workshops to consider actions that worked and areas for further development or new ideas that would benefit the community in Clare

List any decisions made at the meeting:
A range of suggestions were put forward for consideration. What would be most useful would be to revisit the linked areas – municipal districts and try to identify topics that would be beneficial to larger groups. Focus on the economy of the area, linking economic development with climate change and social inclusion, the role of tourism and the infrastructure necessary to support development of the local communities.

Do you require any action to be taken by Clare PPN staff as a result of this meeting?
No i don’t think so

Have you any additional observations or comments?
One thing that I did wonder is whether there could be some consideration given to the Council or other government body supporting the local playgrounds. They are a brilliant addition but the cost of maintenance currently falls on the local communities and this is very costly for small areas. It would be a pity to see the fall into disrepair and already there are signs of this happening. Forward planning should consider ongoing maintenance and not simply funding for setting things up initially, history shows that this often fails in the longer term

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