Report from Fisheries Local Action Group West – 12th December 2019

Oonagh O’Dwyer

Were you asked to raise any issues on behalf of Clare PPN members at this meeting?

Main topics discussed at the meeting:
Máirtín Ó Tuairisg was introduced to the committee as the replacement of West Regional Development Officer. Two positions were vacant on the Flag West Board. 1. South Connamara 2. Galway PPN. There was a conservation that the uptake of fishing as a working lifestyle by young people was very little.It was predicted that 10 years from now many of the under 12m vessels that are now fishing will be gone! Other members stated that this was not isolated to one area of the country. This led to the question how can FLAG benefit the inshore fishermen/sector directly? There was a consensus within the board that there was a lack/gap in the sector as regards providing an internationally recognised certification, for example Deck Hand. The international Convention on Standards of Training, Certification. and watch keeping for Seafarers or STCW was suggested.It was added that when the off-shore wind energy sector escalates in Irish waters Irish Seafarers will not be qualified to operate on the service vessels.

List any decisions made at the meeting:
Eoin Nee manager of Comharchumann Sliogéisc Chonamara Teo was recommended,seconded and Chair to write to Eoin Nee. Chairman has contacted Galway PPN and received response, at the time no-one had been nominated.To follow up. Chairman and rep from Bim to establish a group to discuss the possibilities and types of certification required for Irish seafarers to be able to service vessels in the wind energy sector in the future.

Do you require any action to be taken by Clare PPN staff as a result of this meeting?

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