Two referendums on March 8th – are you registered to vote?


In just over six weeks, on Friday March 8th, two referendums will be held on the same day. This will be the first time in almost five years that people in Ireland will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum. It’s important to make sure that you are registered to vote. 

There have been some small changes to the voter registration process – and there has been some confusion around these – but the good news is that, if you are already registered to vote and your circumstances have not changed, then you are not obliged to provide your PPS number. More about that below. 

One of the two questions asked on March 8th will be whether to remove the Constitutional reference to the role of women in the home. The other question relates to expanding the concept of the family within the Irish Constitution. Clare PPN cannot use public funds to campaign for a particular outcome in this or any referendum. 

However, what we can do is encourage everyone to inform yourself about the questions under consideration, to check the register to see that you are entitled to vote and then to go out and vote on March 8th. And there will be another opportunity to use your vote in early June, when local and European elections are held. 

You can find out more and check that you’re registered to vote and that your details are up to date at

The government and Clare County Council are encouraging everyone, including those already registered to vote, to improve the integrity of the register by providing their PPS number, Eircode and date of birth. 

However, if your details are up to date, then you are not obliged to enter your PPS number – in fact, no action is required. This is optional.  

On the other hand, if you are applying to the voters’ register for the first time or if you are amending your information (for example, if your address has changed), and if you are doing so online, then you will need to provide information including your PPS number and date of birth. 

Furthermore, if you are doing one of these (newly applying or changing details) and do not wish to do so online, you still have the option of going the traditional route – namely by filling out a hard-copy/paper form and getting an in-person identity check at a Garda station. Forms are available from Clare Co Council public offices, post offices, libraries, Garda stations or can be downloaded here:

It’s also important to say that neither PPS numbers nor dates of birth will ever appear on the electoral register.

Finally, you can also use Check the Register to provide information about other necessary changes – for example, family members who are deceased but are still on the register. You can check the register at:

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