Niamh O’Callaghan

I am a native of Shannon and have been passionate about ensuring that this town, although much neglected, deserves better treatment. I have been an advocate for the venue and a founding member of the Love Shannon group, a collection of concerned Shannonites who hold no brief for any political, religious or commercial agenda, and although holding disparate views, are committed to the idea of the town realising its full potential.

Briefly, I have lived all my life here. I have worked for a local company for eighteen years and reared my child in this town. I have completed a Masters in UL and working towards qualifying as a taxation consultant. Recently I had a life limiting accident and this has left me with a considerably different perspective. To that end, for example, I have worked to enhance disabled access in the university and have succeeded in establishing a much improved disability audit there. I relish the opportunity to give something back by contributing to Clare PPN and the LCDC