Mary O’Donoghue is co-ordinator with the West Clare Family Resource Centre which is based in Kilrush. She has a strong commitment to working for social change to eliminate poverty, social injustices and inequalities. She has a full belief and understanding of the right of all people to be involved in decision-making which affect their lives. Mary believes that we have to work collectively, we have to build participation and we have to make sure that people who are traditionally excluded are included. Mary has over 25 years experience of community and youth work and is a strong advocate on all areas of social inclusion. Mary has worked on the development of the Local Economic and Social Plan which is the responsibility of the LCDC to deliver. As a West Clare woman, she would be a strong voice for all groups experiencing social exclusion in Clare and she has the experience and confidence to bring issues forward to the LCDC. She believes that we can create change in our county to make it a better place for all people and she would like the opportunity to do this as your Social Inclusion representative on the Clare Local Community Development Committee.