Kasia Kowalska

I value freedom, individuality and equality. Moved to Ireland when 22, I have since been actively involved in the local, cultural and social life.

Over 12 years of working within airline industry I developed the skill for helping people face their fears; real or imagined. Airports are emotional places always filled with mixed emotions and bittersweet feelings. Emotional awareness skills increase the ability to address specific situations that are particularly difficult to resolve during situations of disruption and emergencies.

I practice and teach yoga, run my own fitness classes as a path to physical self-awareness and spiritual growth. I trust health and fitness are just as important as being charitable, giving back to your community, and looking after the environment and the world we live in.

I am an event organizer and coordinator, creating multicultural and community projects to help people explore, learn and teach one another most valuable life lessons. Involved in variety of body positive events, with most successful one: ‘Embrace’. I organize International Woman Day annually, for women ladies to connect, get inspired and support each other. I run numerous charity events either during my fitness classes or festivals (mostly cooperate with Irish Cancer Society and Bambulance charity). Every October, I try to organize a breast cancer awareness event.

I’m a member of Polish Irish Association. A group of enthusiastic people whose main objective is to promote polish traditions and culture but also aims to learn and explore surrounding cultures, Irish, as well as all others minorities. We had run Polska Eire Festival for three years- always warmly welcomed and appreciated by the locals!

Since experiencing the magic of coaching first hand, I’ve successfully completed Life, Business and Executive Coaching course with Irish Life coach Institute and now operate as a certified coach waiting for accreditation from International Coach Federation (ICF)- world’s most established Coach and Coach Training Accreditation Organization.