Cornelia, a native of Switzerland, has lived in Ireland for more than 30 years. She has a background in education and she practises meditation, qi-gong and yoga, and is a member of the Ennis Friary Choir. Her personal quest is to gently move toward a lighter imprint during her residence on the planet.

Cornelia’s passion for the outdoors was kindled in the 1980s while living in Dublin. Since then continued experiments with garden design and permaculture design have resulted in her chemical-free lifestyle both indoors and outdoors. She encourages any and all members of the public to live plastic-free through her “Operation de-Plastification” vision and actions, supporting a healthier environment and re-connection with the natural world through a sustainable way of life.

As the Clare PPN environmental representative on Clare County Council’s Local Community Development Committee, Cornelia would like to be a voice for the natural world; a healthy and nurturing environment that is capable of feeding and supporting humans as well as fauna and flora with sustainable development a core value. Cornelia’s mission is to tread lightly upon this earth, leave few traces and enjoy life in tune with nature.