Notice of Elections to Biodiversity and Heritage Forum (Environmental College)

Clare PPN wishes to give notice of an election for the following position:

Environmental representative on Clare County Council’s new Biodiversity and Heritage Forum:

Clare County Council was recently tasked with creating two separate plans for Clare:   the County Clare Heritage Plan 2023 – 2029 and the County Clare Biodiversity Plan 2024 – 2030. In order to do this they established the Biodiversity and Heritage Forum, which held its inaugural meeting last July. This forum was proposed to meet on a quarterly basis until both of the above plans have been created and on a twice yearly basis after that. Clare PPN is seeking nominations from our Environment College member groups for a person with strong expertise and experience in issues relating to protecting and restoring biodiversity in Clare. It would be particularly welcome if the nominees are also interested in or have expertise in issues relating to built and natural heritage.

The ideal candidate will be well connected with environmental groups in the area. They should have a genuine interest in action to protect, restore and sustain the natural environment as well as in increasing participation and policy development by local groups in Local Government Structures.  They will also agree to the Clare PPN Representatives’ Charter 2023 which sets out the responsibilities and obligations of this voluntary role.

**Please note that due to Clare PPN’s rules, any person who has publicly declared their intention to run for local, general or EU elections can not act as a representative for Clare PPN until 6 months have passed since the date of the relevant election*

Election Rules and Process:

  • Each environmental pillar member group may nominate one candidate and may cast one vote in each of these elections. (It is each group’s named contact person’s responsibility to consult with their own members regarding this)
  • Only groups who were members of Clare PPN on Wednesday, 31st January 2024 are eligible to participate in this election.
  • Only groups who are members of the Environmental College/Pillar can participate in this election.
  • No person can represent Clare PPN on more than one external committee or body,

How to nominate a candidate:

Groups wishing to nominate a candidate or candidates must seek their consent first and then must send an email to with the following information on or before Friday, 23rd February at 5pm:

  • Name of PPN member group.
  • Position for which they are nominating a candidate.
  • Name of proposed nominee.
  • Contact details of proposed nominee.
  • A short paragraph (up to 200 words) detailing the nominees’ suitability and experience for the role- this will be shared on social media and on our website in advance of voting.
  • A photo of your nominee which we may share with our members and social media followers.

Clare PPN will confirm receipt of nominations by email. Following the close of nominations Clare PPN will circulate details of candidates to relevant member groups on Monday 26th February and they will be invited to cast their votes using our online form. Online voting will remain open until 1pm on Monday 4th March. No votes will be accepted after this time. The successful candidate will then be contacted and offered the position.

If you need any more information or wish to discuss the role further please email or call 087 1617375

NB: Even if you have nominated a candidate, you will still need to cast your vote to support their election.


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