Clare Public Participation Network was delighted to announce the launch of its new mediation service in October this year. Over the spring and summer some members of Clare PPN undertook an intensive training programme in mediation skills and completed their assessment successfully. These mediators who come from a range of backgrounds are now available to provide a fully confidential mediation to member groups of Clare PPN.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process where a trained, neutral ‘mediator’ assists people involved in disputes or disagreements to resolve them themselves. The process is confidential and is only offered in situations where all parties to a dispute wish to engage in mediation. Whilst there will be no charge for the mediation services that Clare PPN offers the group that requires the mediation will be asked to pay the out of pocket expenses for the mediators who will work in pairs.

What is on offer?

When a group contacts Clare PPN to seek mediation they will be assigned two volunteer mediators who will contact them to see if the issue at hand is suitable for mediation and to explain the mediation process to all parties to the conflict. If it is deemed suitable and all parties are willing to enter a mediation process the mediators will furnish all parties to the conflict with an agreement to mediate and following the signing of this agreement will meet with the parties first separately and then jointly to facilitate them in working through the issue. One further meeting may be arranged depending on resources available.
Should it be necessary Clare PPN will create a waiting list for this service or will advise groups where they may access mediation elsewhere.

How do I apply for Clare PPN’s mediation service?

You can apply online below.
Inquiries about mediation or anything to do with Clare PPN can be directed to or 087 1617375.

Apply for Clare PPN Mediation Services

  NB: Please do not provide any confidential information at this stage.
  Note: If you are not a member of the Clare PPN you can join Here.

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