This committee is comprised of Elected Councillors, Council Officials, Members of the Traveller Community and representatives from community organisations (Clare Care and Clare Local Development Company. The role of the Committee is to advise in the preparation and implementation of the Traveller Accommodation Programme, to advise in the management of accommodation for Travellers and to provide a liaison between Travellers and members and officials of Clare County Council.
Sarah Clancy is Clare PPN’s acting representative on this committee. Diane Sherlock, Bernard McDonagh and Helen McDonagh are the Traveller Community Representatives on this committee.


Email to Clare County Councillors

Below please find the text of the email send by Clare PPN to all sitting Clare County Councillors on 6th September 2019 Dear Councillors, I am writing to you on behalf of Clare PPN in relation to the following agenda items for next Monday September 9ths Council...

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Expert Review Traveller Accommodation July 2019

Expert Review Traveller Accommodation July 2019 In July 2019 the ‘Traveller Accommodation Expert Review’ was published as prepared by an independent Expert Group on behalf of the Minister of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government.  See link below:...

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