EU Parking Card /Disabled person’s parking permits are issued to drivers or passengers who meet the criteria as
laid down by the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland. These permits are intended to facilitate ease of parking
in public car parking areas. In order to fully utilise a disabled parking permit, the following points should be

What is a valid Disabled Person’s Parking Permit?
Valid means a permit that is in date and displays a photograph of the permit holder. Disabled Person’s Parking
Permits are valid for two years from date of issue. A permit must then be renewed by post or online and requires
that the old permit is returned to the Disabled Drivers Association or National Mobility Centre.

Who can use Disabled Person’s Parking Permits?
A parking permit must only be used by the person to whom it is issued either as a driver or travelling as a passenger
in another vehicle. It is an offence for a driver to use a disabled person’s parking permit when the permit holder is
not a passenger in the vehicle. Any abuse / misuse will result in its immediate withdrawal.

Requirements regarding display of Disabled Person’s Parking Permits.
A valid permit must be clearly displayed within a vehicle in order to park in a disabled parking bay.

Where does the display of a Disabled Person’s Parking Permit allow for the permit holder or their driver to park?
Parking is allowed in disabled parking spaces or other parking spaces within a public car parking area providing that
the parking permit is visibly displayed. The laws on parking do not extend to private car parks. Spaces assigned to
disabled persons in private or privately operated car parks are operated at the discretion of the car park operator
and may incur charges and/or time limits. Parking in a regular parking space in private car parks such as
supermarkets, private car parks, is governed by the parking rules of these organisations. Clarification should be
sought from these organisations in order to be clear as to what is allowed in relation to parking.

What offence may incur a traffic fine whilst parking in a disabled parking space or regular parking space?
A fine can be incurred whereby a person parking in a disabled parking space does not display a valid disabled parking
permit. Please note a permit MUST BE clearly visible on the dashboard where either a traffic warden or garda can
easily view same. An out of date disabled parking permit is not acceptable and the driver may incur a parking fine. It
is the responsibility of the holder of a Disabled Parking Permit to ensure that the permit displayed is valid and in

Where is a Disabled Person’s Parking Permit NOT to be used?
A disabled person’s parking permit does not give a right of parking in prohibited areas including double yellow lines,
set down areas, loading bays, hatched areas (yellow/white boxes). It should be noted that the hatched areas
adjacent to Disabled Person’s Parking Permits are there to facilitate disabled drivers as they enter and leave their

How do I apply for a Disabled Person’s Parking Permits?
Application is made to Disabled Drivers Association, Ballindine, Claremorris, Co. Mayo
Tel: 094 9364054 / 094 9364336
National Mobility Centre, Irish Wheelchair Association, Ballinagappa Rd, Clane, Co Kildare
Tel: 045 893094
Information is also available from your local Citizens Information Office

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