Emma Karran – Economic Development SPC meeting notes – September 2023

Notes from Econ Dev SPC meeting 18/9/23


1 I asked why LECP wasn’t on the agenda. Padraic said he would talk about it in AOB

2 Marine spatial planning presentation

Slides to follow

A couple of counsellors raised that there were “lots of jurisdictions”. One questioned the ongoing involvement of ABP. Helen Quinn replied that ABP have a maritime section now and still play an important role in her opinion.  I raised the concern that we place all our emphasis on the large offshore wind project (esp as it’s not a forgone conclusion that it will happen here) and the importance of having other plans for the economic well-being of Clare. Helen responded that they will be looking for opportunities for Clare County Council to have a voice about this going ahead. Johnny Flynn spoke of the importance of renewable onshore energy especially as the offshore wind project wouldn’t be happening until 2032 at the earliest.  He also raised the concern of the impact of constructing turbine towers here in Clare: eg housing, mining, road structure. Helen responded that an impact study will be important and that they are considering all development proposals, including onshore wind.

3 CAP update presentation (Chris Dixon O’Mara)

Presentation to follow

There will be a six week public consultation mid-October

I raised that PPN had inputted on the draft plan and are looking forward to further inputs as the process continues. Also our delight in the arrival of the CA officers and that we would like to see them committed to emissions not just to adaptation. Johnny spoke of his concern about sufficient adaptation infrastructure in place and mentioned the Clarecastle barrage as an example of inadequacy. Carmel responded that structural assessment of the barrage is ongoing. I supported Jonny’s concerns about adaptation but said that reducing carbon emissions must still be a priority. During the meeting mention was made of a second SIFP being needed. I raised the necessity of this having representation from local elected community and environmental members. The point was acknowledged.

4 Sustainable supports for enterprise presentation (Padraic)

5 Biodiversity Officer Update Presentation

I just mentioned that I welcomed on one of the presentation slides the mention of headroom management training, as there are widespread concerns of inappropriate management of hedgerows


Padraic spoke about the LECP: He said that it was felt that the plan was not at the stage where it needs to come in front of this SPC so it was not put on the agenda. There are two meetings of the advisory group scheduled for next Monday and the following one – and then there will be a joint LCDC and Ec Dev SPC meeting on Oct 4th for approval of the plan so far. They will then be a public consultation for six weeks followed by formal approval.  He mentioned the PPN submission and said “a number of the points are being factored in”. So we need to check on this! He will circulate to the SPC members the document of an updated socio-economic profile and the plan so far. (High level objectives and suggested action plans).  He is asking for feedback by Friday if there is anything people want added especially on “actionable actions.




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