Clare PPN Social Inclusion College Submission to Phase One of Clare County Council’s County Development Plan 2022- 2028.

Clare PPN’s Social Inclusion College made the attached submission to the pre-draft stage of Clare County Council’s Consultation on the County Development Plan 2022-2028. Our thanks to all those who contributed to the submission.

You can read the submission here:

Clare PPN Social Inclusion Submission to Clare County Development Plan 2022 2028 November 2020

Clare PPN’s proposal for a vision statement for County Clare is:

‘A County that values, protects and restores its unique landscape, environment and
biodiversity, where sustainable livelihoods are prioritised for this and future
generations and where citizens, migrants, ethnic minorities and people of all abilities
and age-groups and genders are able to reach their potential in an atmosphere of
support, respect and inclusion, where Local Government is open, transparent and
accountable and committed to reducing poverty and marginalisation. Our vision is for
a county to be part of and a county to be proud of.’

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