Clare County Council has adopted its Revenue budget for 2020  (€128M) and its Multi Annual Capital Programme 2020-2022 (€371M).

The revenue budget provides for expenditure of €128m, an increase of €10m over the previous year.   Increases of €3.3m on Roads, Transport and Safety and €2.2m on Local Authority Housing.

The key objective of the 2020 Budget is a focus on the planning and delivery of various capital projects for the future development and benefit of the County. Particular focus will continue on housing services, the need to deliver on a number of capital projects including roads infrastructure improvements and the New County Library in Ennis.

The Budget 2020 has allocated additional resources for the delivery of the following services funded by Local Property tax income:

  • Housing Adaption. Mobility/ Aid for the Elderly Grants increased by 18%
  • Housing Maintenance increased by 22%
  • Roads, Local Road Maintenance and Public Lighting increased by 11%
  • Community Grant Scheme increased by 12 %

Budget 2020 has been prepared with no increase in Commercial rates. The Commercial rates charge has remained the same since 2009. The 2020 budget has been framed on the basis the refund rates or vacancy credit on vacant property in County Clare is 100% subject to satisfying the criteria set out in legislation. The budget provides for the following Rates alleviation schemes:

  • The Early Payment Incentive Scheme
  • The Long Term Vacant Property Incentive Scheme

Further detail on these schemes available at:


The Draft Budget can be viewed here:

Draft Budget 2020

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