Clare Pride Party – 24th September 2022

Clare Pride Party – 24th September 2022

Plans are underway for one hell of a Pride Party in Shannon on Saturday 24th September – the climax to the Quare Clare Pride Festival 2022. The party, which kicks off at 9pm (doors 8pm) at the Oakwood Hotel, will feature top drag queens and kings and DJs. Read more about our performers below.
Buy/get your ticket here:
Clare’s Pride festival was cancelled last year but is back with a bang and will be the Banner County’s first Pride festival. Tickets are €8, but with a limited number of free tickets also available. There is also an option of a €13 ‘Solidarity Ticket’ – this includes a donation of €5 which helps us to make the free tickets available for those who might otherwise not be able to afford it.
This is going to be a fantastic weekend for Clare’s LGBTQ+ community and for people who we hope will travel from around Ireland to be with us this weekend. We want our community to be visible and connected to the wider community in Clare. The party is for over-18s only. It’s one of several events that will make up the Quare Clare Pride 2022. More details to follow.
Quare Clare is a group that formed in 2020 and holds online meetings and in-person social events. Anyone from the LGBTQ+ community in Clare who would like to get involved in Quare Clare can email to find out more.
Bonnie Boux:
Booty Poppin Irish Jig Hoppin Bonnie Boux snatches hearts with her intoxicating mix of the Classic Burlesque style and Hip Hop vibes fused with her comedic timing that is second to none. Bonnie Boux is no stranger to the stage. Miss Burlesque Ireland 2022 and Top 30 European Queen of Burlesque 2019, Bonnie’s life is devoted to her passion, working towards spreading the daily mantra to “Dance Yourself Free”.
Elle Uminati:
Elle Uminati is known for being the sweetest party girl around! With the perfect combo of ‘Rhinestones and Feathers’ meets ‘PVC and Chains’, this West Coast Queen (she lives in Ennis) is an experienced Drag DJ, performer, host, and all-round babe! If you’re looking for a stunner who’s the talk of the room – Elle is the Queen for you!
Phil T. Gorgeous:
Drag King, gender illusionist, male impersonator, weirdo… call him what you want but there’s no doubt that whatever he is, Phil T. Gorgeous is ALL man…. Well…. Mostly. He first swaggered across the stage in early 2004 introducing unsuspecting audiences to his own brand of drag performance and whether entertaining in the intimate surroundings of a cozy café, or hosting to tens of thousands at Pride events, Phil has been happily raising eyebrows both nationally and internationally ever since. Phil T comes with a warning ladies, it reads “dangerously Gorgeous!”
National Launch of ‘Towards an Anti-Poverty Strategy for Clare’

National Launch of ‘Towards an Anti-Poverty Strategy for Clare’

National Launch of ‘Towards an Anti-Poverty Strategy for Clare’

The report, ‘Towards an Anti-Poverty Strategy for Clare’, will be launched at Buswell’s Hotel on Tuesday 20th September at 5pm, by Sinead Gibney, Chief Commissioner of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission. The launch event will also hear from the report’s author, Dr Conor McCabe, as well as from disability and Traveller activists from Clare. 

20th June 2022 Economic Development SPC report by Emma Karran

20th June 2022 Economic Development SPC report by Emma Karran

Active Land Management Measures:

  • Residential Zoned Land Tax will replace vacant site levy and comes into effect in 2024. Vacant site levy until then, with legislation to bridge the gap.
  • Derelict sites excluded
  • Buildings with commercial rates won’t be liable to tax
  • Maps (updated and reviewed each year) will be circulated – with appeal process. They will provide baseline for tax to be managed. LA responsibility to publish maps.
  • Permission to request change of zoning accepted this year (and guidelines will be issued).
  • Rev Commissioners will manage tax
  • Any piece of land which fell into scope in Jan 22 is liable.


Q: uplift in value doesn’t go to the State.

R: Efforts will be made to secure a proportion of that value. State taking more active role for the common good to get more share of uplift in value. Working with Attorney General on this – for future funding of infrastructure.

Q: developers sometimes withhold access to infrastructure (incl zoned land within it).

R: Nothing specific in legislation if it’s within control of land owner. Land owners can be pushed to make sure land is activated and developed for housing.


Shannon Foynes Port Co presentation: (still waiting for presentation to be sent in)

CEO Keating

  • “Fossil fuels no longer an alternative” he said but also “potentially Shannon LNG”.
  • Cruise ship potential in the estuary
  • Big plan for offshore wind project. (Memorandum signed with Norwegian Co)
  • Need to reactivate Shannon Integrated Framework Plan
  • Shannon Estuary Taskforce there to help
  • Rosslare is not competition because it is a small harbour
  • Target is for 80% of electricity produced using renewable energy by 2030. We need a national policy about harnessing wind energy: bringing together different depts.

Emma Karran: “As SFPC is a state body under AEGIS of Dept of Transport – and current Govt policy is not to support Shannon LNG, I would be grateful if you could place on record that SFPC is in opposition to LNG terminal (in line with Govt policy). And (ii) asking opinion of impact of disastrous recent LNG plans to build a floating terminal which would effectively block any other development in the estuary (when a tanker was arriving). Potential therefore to sterilise the estuary.”

Response: It is before ABP right now – “in the system” – and not going to comment on a [live] planning application.  Gas is a transition fuel: cleanest recognised globally and estuary will not be clogged from a shipping point of view because it is so wide.

Climate Change and Biodiversity

This was postponed until the Sept meeting because of lack of time

Abodoo Report (Presentation was sent on separately)

Notes: 78% of businesses in Clare are microenterprises. 53% of them are in Ennis; next biggest Shannon. ICT top. Av earnings: 36K. 10% (?) self-employed (National av is 8%)


Money Point to report at a future meeting