20th June 2022 Economic Development SPC report by Emma Karran

20th June 2022 Economic Development SPC report by Emma Karran

Active Land Management Measures:

  • Residential Zoned Land Tax will replace vacant site levy and comes into effect in 2024. Vacant site levy until then, with legislation to bridge the gap.
  • Derelict sites excluded
  • Buildings with commercial rates won’t be liable to tax
  • Maps (updated and reviewed each year) will be circulated – with appeal process. They will provide baseline for tax to be managed. LA responsibility to publish maps.
  • Permission to request change of zoning accepted this year (and guidelines will be issued).
  • Rev Commissioners will manage tax
  • Any piece of land which fell into scope in Jan 22 is liable.


Q: uplift in value doesn’t go to the State.

R: Efforts will be made to secure a proportion of that value. State taking more active role for the common good to get more share of uplift in value. Working with Attorney General on this – for future funding of infrastructure.

Q: developers sometimes withhold access to infrastructure (incl zoned land within it).

R: Nothing specific in legislation if it’s within control of land owner. Land owners can be pushed to make sure land is activated and developed for housing.


Shannon Foynes Port Co presentation: (still waiting for presentation to be sent in)

CEO Keating

  • “Fossil fuels no longer an alternative” he said but also “potentially Shannon LNG”.
  • Cruise ship potential in the estuary
  • Big plan for offshore wind project. (Memorandum signed with Norwegian Co)
  • Need to reactivate Shannon Integrated Framework Plan
  • Shannon Estuary Taskforce there to help
  • Rosslare is not competition because it is a small harbour
  • Target is for 80% of electricity produced using renewable energy by 2030. We need a national policy about harnessing wind energy: bringing together different depts.

Emma Karran: “As SFPC is a state body under AEGIS of Dept of Transport – and current Govt policy is not to support Shannon LNG, I would be grateful if you could place on record that SFPC is in opposition to LNG terminal (in line with Govt policy). And (ii) asking opinion of impact of disastrous recent LNG plans to build a floating terminal which would effectively block any other development in the estuary (when a tanker was arriving). Potential therefore to sterilise the estuary.”

Response: It is before ABP right now – “in the system” – and not going to comment on a [live] planning application.  Gas is a transition fuel: cleanest recognised globally and estuary will not be clogged from a shipping point of view because it is so wide.

Climate Change and Biodiversity

This was postponed until the Sept meeting because of lack of time

Abodoo Report (Presentation was sent on separately)

Notes: 78% of businesses in Clare are microenterprises. 53% of them are in Ennis; next biggest Shannon. ICT top. Av earnings: 36K. 10% (?) self-employed (National av is 8%)


Money Point to report at a future meeting

Clare PPN Submission to Mid Term Review of Clare Traveller Accommodation Programme 2019- 2024

September 2nd 2022

Clare County Council is carrying out a review of its current Traveller Accommodation Programme 2019 – 2024

Our representative on the Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee Mary O’Donoghue has made the following submission which can be read by clicking on the link below:

Clare PPN Submission to MidTerm Review of Traveller Accommodation Programme 2019- 2024




New Environmental member on Clare PPN’s Secretariat

New Environmental member on Clare PPN’s Secretariat

New Environmental member on Clare PPN’s Secretariat

Clare PPN is delighted to welcome Theresa O’Donohoe back onto the Clare PPN Secretariat following a call for nominations from environmental member groups.  We would like to extend our congratulations to her and look forward to working with her again.

In her own words:

‘I’ve been involved in environmental activism and policy making since 2007. I began to work collaboratively on sustainable community development when I discovered the Transition Network in 2007. I joined a local transition group and we basically went from turning sustainable development ideas into community projects. Some projects succeeded while others did not. I learned a LOT about community development and participation through training and experience. I noticed that many attempts to bring projects to life are blocked by bureaucracy resulting in fatigue and withdrawal by people from participating. Creative, insightful, brilliant people with amazing ideas are beaten down by the system. I’ve done the courses and it’s really the government that gets in the way.

I progressed from projects to analysing and attempting to shape the policy to support the projects. In 2009 I got involved with Laois County Development Board trying to reshape policy to appreciate public participation especially in the transition context. I realised that representative democracy is a joke and that elected officials dependent upon votes are also dependent upon council staff to deliver on their pot hole promises! Therefore they do not rock the boat if they wish to get the jobs done that support their reelection! It’s a vicious cycle.

Turns out changing local policy isn’t enough anyway. Very often the council staff will sit back and refuse to change until they get direction from central government. Effectively – even if they have all these insightful progressive policies that you worked for hours on submissions to infiltrate they will not act upon them unless they are forced to. Of course they need the resources too.

This left me with no choice but to infiltrate national policy. So I became involved with more and more national bodies in order to influence national policy so that local policy can be changed and resourced to accommodate the publics participation in our transition to a resilient, more sustainable society. Also nationally I have been on the steering group of the Environmental Pillar, the environmental social partner made up of Non-Governmental Organisations. I am involved with Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland where I coordinated the People’s Energy Charter. I’m a member of Feasta, Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability and An Taisce’s Climate Change Committee. These have given me an amazing insight into national policy making and governance first hand. I was also a member of the National Economic and Social Council and the National Advisory Groups on PPNs. I am currently a member of Extinction Rebellion and still involved with Transition Ireland and Northern Ireland.

As well as catalysing Laois and Clare Environmental Networks I was a founding Secretariat member of Clare PPN and a cofounder of Futureproof Clare.’




New PPN representatives on the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

New PPN representatives on the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

New PPN representatives on the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

Clare PPN is delighted to announce two new Clare PPN representatives on the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) following a call for nominations from our social inclusion and environmental member groups.  We would like to extend our congratulations to them both and look forward to supporting their work on this important committee.


SOCIAL INCLUSION REP: Bridgie Casey – Clare Traveller CDP

Bridgie Casey is a member of the Traveller community, she is currently employed as Project Cordinator with Clare Travellers CDP. Previously, Bridgie was employed by CENA (Traveller lead housing body). Bridgie has worked with Traveller organisations at local and national level. Bridgie is committed to working with and for her community to achieve positive outcomes.


ENVIRONMENTAL REP: Bridget Ginnity – Clare Environmental Network

Bridget strongly believes that our towns and countryside in Clare can be an even better place to live if we develop active travel and public transportation options, if we enhance biodiversity and access to nature and upgrade our housing efficiently. Public participation is the way we can achieve the best solutions, and they also reduce our carbon emissions and help us deal with the climate emergency. Bridget brings scientific training and broad experience to these issues –. as a regulatory scientist with the European Chemical Agency (ECHA), as an environmental science and occupational hygiene consultant, and as product manager with air pollution instrumentation companies. She also holds a professional certificate in governance, and is a board member with the Ennis Book Club Festival and trustee of Clare Haven.



The Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) is comprised of Council Officials, Elected Councillors, and various business and community representatives. Among other things LCDC has the job of developing and overseeing the community elements of Clare County Council’s 6 year-long Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP). This is an important committee for Clare PPN and its members and we have 5 seats on it.

For more information: CLICK HERE

Notice of Election for Shannon Municipal District Secretariat position

Notice of Election for Shannon Municipal District Secretariat position

Clare PPN would like to give notice of election for the following position:

Shannon Municipal District Secretariat member of Clare PPN (and optional trustee of Clare PPN CLG)

Clare PPN is managed by a board known as the Secretariat. This secretariat is responsible for running the Public Participation Network in Clare between plenary meetings.

Clare PPN has three part time staff and an annual budget of €110,700 per year which is provided by the Department of Rural and Community Development and Clare County Council. The secretariat which is a flat structure meets eight to ten times per year with those meetings usually taking place in Ennis, County Clare (currently online due to Covid-19 restrictions). The successful candidate will also be required to attend events and meetings organised by the PPN itself for the purposes of consulting with our member groups.  Secretariat members will be asked to become trustees of Clare PPN CLG although this is not a mandatory requirement.

The ideal candidate will be a person who is well connected with community groups in the area and someone who has a genuine interest in increasing participation and policy development by local groups in Local Government Structures

Election Rules and Process:

  • Only groups who were members of Clare PPN on Wednesday, 20th July 2022 are eligible to participate in this election.
  • Only groups who are members of the Shannon Municipal District can participate in this election.
  • No person can represent Clare PPN on more than one external committee or body,
  • Each member group may nominate one candidate and may cast one vote. (It is each group’s named contact person’s responsibility to consult with their own members regarding this).

How to nominate a candidate:

Groups wishing to nominate a candidate must seek their consent first and then must send an email to admin@clareppn.ie with the following information on or before Friday, 29th July at 5pm:

  • Name of PPN member group.
  • Position for which they are nominating a candidate.
  • Name of proposed nominee.
  • Contact details of proposed nominee.
  • A short paragraph (up to 200 words) detailing the nominees’ suitability and experience for the role- this will be shared on social media and on our website in advance of voting.
  • A photo of your nominee which we may share with our members and social media followers.

Clare PPN will confirm receipt of nominations by email. Following the close of nominations Clare PPN will circulate details of candidates to our members on Monday, 1st August and online voting will be open until Monday, 8th August at 1pm.  No votes will be accepted after this time.  The name of the successful candidate will then be announced.

If you need any more information or wish to discuss the role further please email admin@clareppn.ie or call 087 1617375

NB: Even if you have nominated a candidate, you will still need to cast your vote to support their election.