Clare’s coming out! – Webinar for LGBTQ+ people, their families & friends in Clare

Clare’s coming out! – Webinar for LGBTQ+ people, their families & friends in Clare

Clare’s coming out! – webinar for LGBTQ+ people, their families & friends in Clare

Information event on June 30th to feature speakers from LGBTQ+ support organisations

An event to mark Pride Month in Clare will offer help to communities and organisations on how they can best support the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people. The webinar, on June 30th, will be of interest to LGBTQ+ people living in Clare, their families and friends and anyone who wants to support them.

The information event, hosted by Quare Clare and Clare Sports Partnership, will feature speakers from Belong To, GOSHH and LINC, three of the support and community organisations available to LGBTQ+ people and their families in Ireland.

The webinar will take place from 7:30pm on Wednesday, June 30th, and you can register to take part at this Eventbrite link:

Sarah Clancy of Quare Clare said:
“An online survey we conducted in March highlighted an urgent need for supports and services for the LGBTQ+ community Clare. 80% of people who responded said they would like more connection with other LGBTQ+ people in the county.

“Over half of all respondents did not feel sufficiently connected and supported in their community, and it was clear from written responses that there is a big demand for a social outlet or LGBTQ+ group in Clare.”

Belong To is a national organisation that supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people in Ireland.

GOSHH! (Gender, Orientation, Sexual Health and HIV) is based in Limerick but also works to support LGBTQ+ people in Clare.

LINC is based in Cork and advocates for Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Ireland.

Quare Clare is a new group that has held online meetings and in May ran a very successful ‘Quare Quiz’ social event. Anyone from the LGBTQ+ community in Clare who would like to get involved in Quare Clare can email to find out more. 

Quare Clare is a short-term project run jointly by Clare Public Participation Network, Clare Women’s Network, Clare Local Development Company and Rape Crisis Midwest, and supported by The Department of Rural and Community Development and Clare County Council.

Quare Clare is on Facebook and on Twitter.


Community Enhancement Programme 2021

Community Enhancement Programme 2021


A new round of funding is now available for 2021. Funding is available under two categories;

  • Grants for small scale capital projects. Maximum €1,000. This category is open to Men’s’ and Women’s Sheds, Community and Voluntary Groups and Sports Clubs.
  • Grants for larger scale capital projects. Maximum €10,000.This category is open to Playgrounds and Community Centres


The closing date for applications is Thursday 15th July 2021

For more information go to:

Report from Emma Karran on Economic Development SPC on 8th June 2021

Report from Emma Karran on Economic Development SPC on 8th June 2021


1) SRA on EU Funding Opps 

Johnny expressed concern that Clare is always ‘firefighting’  PJ Kelly asked for confirmation that 90% of expenditure goes to L’k, Cork and Waterford  (this was not contested).  PJ Ryan asked how to promote Shannon Airport.  Johnny raised point about an EU Hub now Heathrow out of the picture.  Liam responded re this last point that this is “the start of a conversation”

2) Planning

(i) CDP review update

Helen Q gave a break down of submissions (I think you might have these already?) (renewable energy at the top at 34%).  She spoke about the various volumes that would be drafted. Draft will be ready by the start of August, followed by 10 weeks of public consultation events.  Johnny expressed concern about retail strategy (vulnerability of N and W Clare local retail due to development around L’k – esp after Covid and Brexit).  PJ Ryan asked about the land zoning time frame.  I asked about how submissions are weighted.  Patrick Keogh asked about housing strategy and water infrastructure.  Michael Begley asked if there would be more detailed flood risk maps. Helen replied that the flood maps are informed by the OPW and she hoped they would reflect what happens on the ground.

This seems a very salient point, given Ennis could well be largely under water in less than ten years! Has anyone taken in the urgency and implications of this yet???

(ii) LECP Guidelines (Liam)

He reflected on whether there would be an annual or biannual review in the new action plan.  He spoke of the need to make sure climate action was overarching in the LECP process – and impact of climate action bill  Johnny asked if the next (2022) census would be accommodated?  Liam replied that next LECP update will follow the census, but can’t be immediately (need to have time lapse of a year? after census)

4) Climate Change and Biodiversity (Liam)

Liam spoke about the Intergovernmental Action Plan 2021: esp the role of enterprise in carbon emissions and the focus is on reducing the latter  I made my point buttering their bread about how Clare could be in the forefront – and supporting what Liam had just said (as I mentioned in yesterday’s email).  Liam then said an academic study was needed on the economic vulnerability of Clare to sea level rise. We can feed into OPW info re flood levels rising. He said work was being done on Clare’s part in creating jobs in a reduced carbon economy. There would be a presentation at CARO level before the end of the year

Clare Leader Forum Surveys closing 5th June

Clare Leader Forum Surveys closing 5th June

The Clare Leader Forum is a Disabled People’s organisation working to achieve human rights for people living with disabilities in Clare. They have devised two surveys with Clare Public Participation Network and are inviting the 15,000 people living with a disability in the County to take part in this important research.

The first survey is on sports, leisure, tourism and amenity access and will be used to inform policy, submissions and advocacy.

The second survey examines what life is like in Clare for people with disabilities and how they engage in advocacy and activism. It will form part of an important and exciting Book: ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ which is due for release in December 2021

Your Voice Matters! Our Voices Together Matter!
Please note: Answers to these surveys are anonymous and participants will not be identified in any way.

Rural Development SPC report from Anny Wise – 18th May 2021

Rural Development SPC report from Anny Wise – 18th May 2021

The SPC meeting was a long one and in the end I did not get my chance to do the item on “Heating the Home.” .  But I must admit I was surprised at the final outcome of what I did have to say.

Tourism Strategy was now complete and was launched on line and we were shown the outcome.  It was very good.  There were, however., two items which were discussed and approved.

  • Motor Homes which have not been a problem in the past are now seen all over the county (staycation) – the normal commercial parks are closed and the county does not have a policy with regard to where and for how long they can park.  There are several examples from CORK and abroad where they have always been a way of having a holiday.  The County Council will be asked to look at the issues and try and see if they can make a policy or not.
  • Greenways walking and cycling paths.  Our SPC made suggestions on how important that this was now shown as specific plans in the future to enlarge them.  It was pointed out that they are going ahead on this and the Clarecastle/Ennis and Shannon/Bunratty plus others are in the process.

The Rural Development Strategy is up for review – it was the first in Ireland and is still the only one. Broadband was again mentioned.

Then there was a powerpoint by Gearoid Fitzgibbon representing SEC for Clare with Gloria CLDC.

Report from the SPC on 18th May 2021 on Climate Change

There were many questions and the main thrust was on Community Microgeneration.

There was a question about the cost of peat briquettes going up and how community were able to cope with this.  Geariod answer by given the example in Tipperary – who had most dwellings insulated and had changed their heating methods – so it would not cause them any problems.  I followed after he answered the questions suggesting what we need more than anything was Public Awareness and the “How” and “Why”.  I offered to give the talk which I was supposed to be at this meeting at the next meeting on the “Why” and also invited them to our lecture on the subject on the 26th May.

What follows was surprising and may have been to the question about peat blocks – suggestion of the Public Awareness showing such a low level of knowledge and upskilling of staff at the County Council took on the following:

  • They would look at a Clare Energy Agency other than a Clare/Limerick one.  A “One Stop Agency being a workshop in mind a stand alone office in Clare.
  • Upskill directors of each section department – the actual elected Council so that they could work together and work with CLDC and SEAI.

Farmers were mentioned with regards to microgeneration the prospect of jobs in Rural Area was welcomed.