Voting is now open for a social inclusion representative on the Local Community Development Committee of Clare County Council.

Clare PPN Social Inclusion member groups and associated individuals may only cast ONE VOTE at the following link:


Voting ends at 5pm on Thursday, 14th June 2018

Aim of the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC):

  • Have primary responsibility for co-ordination, governance, planning and oversight of local development spend, whether that spend is delivered by local authorities or on behalf of the state by other local development agencies and structures
  • Bring a more coherent approach to the implementation of local and community development programmes and interventions, seeking to ensure an integrated approach to local community and local development services between providers and delivery structures
  • Drive meaningful citizen and community engagement in the scoping, planning, delivery and evaluation of local and community development programmes
  • Ensure a more efficient administration of local and community programmes and delivery structures, the appropriate matching of resources to priorities and the achievement of value-for-money in the delivery and governance of programmes and the management of local delivery arrangements
  • Develop approaches that focus on learning and feedback, enhancing the links between practice and policy development, and
  • Explore and pursue opportunities for additional funding resources for the area, whether Exchequer, EU, private or other sources


Elaine D’Alton

The Clare Women’s Network is part of the National Collective of Community Based Women’s Networks (NCCWN) and offers support for women to enhance their quality of life on an individual and group basis especially women experiencing social and economic exclusion and isolation.

I am the Project Coordinator of the Clare Women’s Network and have been nominated by CWN to go forward as the representative to LCDC. I have worked across many issues relating to feminism and gender equality in my twenty five years of experience of working within a community development setting in a variety of roles.

I am committed to addressing the many issues facing women in today’s political, social, economic and cultural landscape. I am committed to promoting and forwarding recommendations and guidance as identified by women in Clare on how best to address and rectify the obstacles and barriers to their full participation.  I believe representation specifically pertaining to the needs of women is an imperative

If you haven’t already committed your vote to a particular candidate, I ask you to bring this note to the attention of your group and give consideration to casting your vote for me. It is my intention, if elected to the secretariat, to use the Clare Public Participation Network as a vehicle to bring the concerns of women’s and other marginalised groups in the county to the forefront of the local and national policy debate.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ann Marie Flanagan

Ann Marie is Regional Development Officer with Shine: supporting people affected by mental ill-health.

She has a Masters in Partnership studies, post grad in human services management & community development.

She is person centred and solution focused in family therapy counselling and is a regular contributor to policy discourse and publications on the rights of disabled women and men, gender and equality.

Most recently Ann Marie led a national petition and representation to government to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

She is active locally and nationally on social justice and environmental protection issues and contested two local elections.


Karen Wise

I am 44 years old and have lived in County Clare for the last 24 years.

I have been a disability rights campaigner for some 25 years now.  I have been a party to and represented rights of people with Disabilities in courts and tribunals.  In doing so I have developed a strong network of contacts within the sector.

I am the current chair of the board of the National Council of People with Disabilities.

I have been a director of multiple Charitable and community co-operatives (many Companies Limited by Guarantee) for well over 24 years.  I was the first Honorary Secretary of Caring for Carers Ireland and as such drafted and edited the first aims and objectives.  I have been member of the Physical and sensory disability Co-Ordination committee of the then Mid-Western Health Board.

I have been on a National Disability Authority committee on standards and trained in social skills, disability, equality training and group working skills.  I have also trained in Business Management and Administration, Company Law directorship, GDPR.

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