June 22nd 2020

Call for Nomination for Environmental Representative to sit on Clare County Council’s Local Community Development Committee:

As some of you will be aware Clare PPN has a number of representative seats on Clare County Council’s Committees.  We are currently looking for nominations for one Environment College Representative to sit on the Local Community Development Committee which is administered by Clare County Council. Only member groups of the Environment College of Clare PPN can nominate individuals for this seat and the nominees must themselves be a member of one of those groups.

 What is the Local Community Development Committee?

The Local Community Development Committee is comprised of Council Officials, Elected Councillors, and various business and community and voluntary group representatives.  Among other things LCDC has the job of developing and overseeing the community elements of Clare County Council’s 6 year- long Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP). This is an important committee for Clare PPN and its members and we hold 5 seats on it.  This vacancy is for an environment seat and we would encourage nominations of people who have an understanding or experience or interest in any of the following areas; biodiversity, sustainability, policy making, renewable energy, food sustainability, circular economies, environmentally friendly agriculture, renewables and rural development.

For more details on Clare PPN’s other representatives on the LCDC see: https://clareppn.ie/local-community-development-committee/

For more details on the Local Community Development Committee itself see here

Who can make Nominations?
Every current Environmental College member group of Clare PPN can nominate one person for this position. Once all nominees have been received on or before July 3rd at 5pm, Clare PPN will circulate their details and hold online elections in which all Environmental college member groups will be invited to vote.

Who can be Nominated?
Any person who is in an Environmental College member group of Clare PPN can be nominated for this position with the following exceptions

  • Currently serving elected representatives at any level of government may not be nominated.
  • Anyone who has contested local, EU or general elections in the last year may not be nominated.
  • Those who have declared their intention to stand for general or local election can not be nominated.
  • If someone is nominated and later decides to contest an election they will have to vacate their seat.
  • Any individual can only hold one Committee seat for Clare PPN however individuals can be on the ‘Secretariat’ (The board) of Clare PPN as well as holding one seat on an external committee.

What’s involved in being a representative on the LCDC for Clare PPN?

The successful candidates will be required attend all LCDC meetings year on behalf of all the Environmental member groups in Clare PPN. These will be preceded by a brief pre-meeting with your fellow PPN reps on the same day at Clare PPN offices or online.

You will also be required to attend four Clare PPN plenary meetings per year and the occasional college group meeting and/ or training events. It is likely that you will need to attend a minimum of 12 meetings per year to carry out this role.

Each representative will be required to give a short report following the meetings of their committee to inform the other member groups and will be required to raise the issues or concerns of member groups at each meeting where possible. Clare PPN will provide support and introductory training for anyone who decides to take on these positions and travel expenses will be covered by Clare County Council and Clare PPN.

How do you Nominate Candidates?
• A candidate can only be the nominee for one representative position on one  committee. In the case that a person is nominated for more than one committee, we will contact them to ask them to select one which they wish to stand for.
The candidate’s permission must be secured before they are nominated
• A fully completed form (see link below) with a clear photo and a short biography of the nominees (up to 200 words) must be submitted to admin@clareppn.ie Clare-PPN-LCDC-Representative-Election-Nomination-Form

  • Nominations must be received by Friday July 3rd at 5.00 pm after this date we will contact all members with the full list of candidates and ask for their votes.
    Please make sure you do nominate and then vote in these elections- we want to be sure our member groups are fully involved in selecting who they want to represent them on this important committee. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if any of the above confuses you or if you need any help. You can get us on 087-1617375 or admin@clareppn,ie


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