5th September 2022 Economic Development SPC notes by Emma Karran

  • Minutes of previous meeting:

I asked for an amendment to the minutes re Shannon Foynes Port Co presentation to reflect that I said to Pat Keating that it appeared SFPCo did NOT support present Govt policy on new ff infrastructure – because their plans were clearly making space for the potential arrival of Shannon LNG. This was accepted.

  • LECP Advisory Steering Group Nominations:

Johnny Flynn nominated Emma Karran (to represent env concerns). It was seconded. Gabriel Keating was the second nomination. Elaine spoke about the anti-poverty strategy report and the need for this to be carried onto the LECP (through members making themselves familiar with it. Johnny Flynn suggested a presentation of the strategy at the next SPC meeting.

  • Planning

Update on CDP (Helen Quinn). 20th Oct is members’ meeting to look at chief exec’s report. Then it will be made public early Dec for public to comment on.  Due to finalise March 2023.  I mentioned FPC’s appeal against CCC’s decision to grant permission for data centre in Ennis. I wasn’t allowed to give more details about the grounds for the appeal (I squeezed them in briefly before I was told to stop!) but I spoke generally on the health and env / energy issues.

  • Biodiversity:

Money has been applied for to fund 8 biodiversity posts (Clare is a pilot county in this). So Clare could potentially have a full-time biodiversity officer.

  • Marine Area Planning Act 2021 (Liam Conneally)

A planned floating offshore wind project off the west coast. Money Point would be used for collection and distribution.  Green Atlantic @ Money Point is the name of the project.  Points were made about the need to keep benefits from leaving the county – incl the need to upskill so work can go to local people. The possibility of producing hydrogen from the wind energy was mentioned too.  The offshore wind farms will have to pay licensing rights – not rates.

  • AOB

Emma Karran said that although she was very aware of the impetus to get Clare on the map via big industrial projects like the data centre, she was concerned at the lack of awareness about health / env / energy risks. She said she would propose a presentation at a subsequent SPC meeting about these. The discussion needs to be informed in this way. There seemed to be a reception of this idea: at least it wasn’t shot out of the water!








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