The European Pillar for Social Rights

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“European Anti-Poverty Network Ireland calls for the Government to honor its commitment to reducing poverty by implementing in full the European Pillar of Social Rights.”

As we approach the first anniversary of the signing of the European Pillar of Social Rights, EAPN Ireland is calling on the Irish government to ensure that Ireland actively honours the 20 rights and principles within the Pillar.  On November 17th 2017 the European Pillar of Social Rights was proclaimed by Council of the EU, the European Parliament, and the Commission, and signed off by heads of EU member states. The Pillar outlines rights and principles that can guide Europe towards a future of greater social inclusion and
equality, and support access to employment and social rights. The Pillar covers areas linked to access to quality jobs, equality, access to adequate income, and access to quality services in areas such as health, housing, and care.  EAPN Ireland previously welcomed the Irish Government’s support for the European Pillar of Social Rights however now warns against any piece-meal approach to the implementation of the Pillar and to the rights and principles which underpin it.

Paul Ginnell, Director of EAPN Ireland states “It is not enough for the Irish Government simply to sign up to the European Pillar of Social Rights or to pay lip service to its principles. It must take direct and meaningful action to honour the Pillar and ensure that the Pillar informs all policy that directly impacts on the most marginalised in society”. He added: “The Pillar recognises the important role that civil society can play and anti-poverty and equality organisations, such as EAPN Ireland, are keen to play our role in informing and supporting its
delivery”. “

EAPN Ireland is also calling for the European Commission to take on a strong role in monitoring and supporting the implementation of the Pillar across EU member states.

EAPN Ireland Briefing on European Pillar of Social Rights

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