Communities Creating Jobs

Communities Creating Jobs Autumn 2019 Newsletter   Communities Creating Jobs has circulated its Autumn Newsletter to the Rural Development Forum,  Thank you to our representative Neil O'Brien for forwarding same,  It can be read here: CCJ Autumn Newsletter...

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Clare County Council – Arts Development Plan 2019-2023

Clare County Council – Arts Development Plan 2019-2023 In January 2019, Clare PPN held a consultation session with artists and stakeholders from all around the county on the draft Clare Arts Plan 2019 - 2023, ensuring a cultural and artistic vibrancy in Co. Clare....

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Coffee, Cake and Community – Clare PPN Migrant Forum Meeting

Coffee, Cake and Community: Clare PPN Migrant Forum Meeting  Wednesday 4th December @7PM Have you come to live in Clare from another country? Would you be interested in getting more involved and having your voice heard in the community and local government in Clare....

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Clare County Council BUDGET 2020 PRESS RELEASE

BUDGET 2020 PRESS RELEASE Clare County Council has adopted its Revenue budget for 2020  (€128M) and its Multi Annual Capital Programme 2020-2022 (€371M). The revenue budget provides for expenditure of €128m, an increase of €10m over the previous year.   Increases of...

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LCDC meeting reps report – 10th September 2019

Q1 Representative Name Theresa O'Donohoe   Q2 Committee Name LCDC   Q3 Date of meeting: 10/09/2019   Q4 Your college Environment   Q5 Municipal District West Clare   Q6 Were you asked to raise any issues on behalf of Clare PPN members at this...

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