This committee is made up of Elected Councillors, Council Officials and community and social partner representatives. They have the role of helping to form, advise on and monitor all policies relating to transport and the environment in County Clare.

These are your PPN representatives on this committee:


Climate Change – Global Issue, Local Leadership

A report on local government responses to climate change The following report was issued to the Physical Development SPC of Clare County Council on 19th February 2020 Climate Change - Global Issue, Local Leadership  

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Your Physical Development SPC representatives

Your Physical Development SPC representatives   The following Clare PPN representatives were ratified at the Clare PPN plenary meeting on 8th October 2019.  We would like to offer our congratulations to them and look forward to working together to represent the...

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Introducing Clare PPN’s new representatives

Introducing Clare PPN's nominees for seats on Clare PPN's Strategic Policy Committees 2019- 2024 Following the local elections in May 2019 Clare County Council's Strategic Policy Committees had to be reconstituted as per the legislation. These Strategic Policy...

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Email to Clare County Councillors

Below please find the text of the email send by Clare PPN to all sitting Clare County Councillors on 6th September 2019 Dear Councillors, I am writing to you on behalf of Clare PPN in relation to the following agenda items for next Monday September 9ths Council...

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Click HERE to read the minutes from Clare County Council’s Physical Development SPC.

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