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The PPN is organised into 3 colleges which best represent the group's activities.
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 Social Inclusion i.e. focused on people experiencing disadvantage and inequality; Environmental i.e. focussed on protecting the environment and sustainable development; Community & Voluntary i.e. local development, sports, social groups etc

What will Clare PPN do with your information?

Clare Public Participation Network (Clare PPN) is a network which exists to facilitate social inclusion, community and voluntary and environmental groups from the county in having their views heard on the decision making bodies of Clare County Council and to cooperate and engage with each other on issues of mutual interest. In order to carry out its functions Clare Public Participation Network’s board and officers need to maintain a register of all the groups who opt in to joining the network. These groups will be required to detail their main activity or interest when applying and also to provide Clare PPN with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for their designated contact person, with the address and municipal district in which their group is headquartered. These groups may also voluntarily supply any information such as website or social media pages that they wish to share with the other members of the network.
Groups joining Clare PPN are providing their contact details in order to enable them to be fully consulted and included in the local democratic processes as well as in the national network of Public Participation Networks. Groups joining the PPN will be entering an agreement that the details they supply may be shared with other members of the network, with the elected representatives of the PPN, with members of Clare PPN’s secretariat, with the Environmental Pillar, with Clare County Council and with other bodies or persons who require access in order to facilitate the ongoing work of the PPN. In the future Clare PPN may wish to display the name and location of each of its member groups on its website.

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Data Protection: The details supplied to Clare PPN will only be used in line with its remit and members can request to have their personal data supplied to them and/or removed from or updated on the register at any time by giving 14 days’ notice by e-mail to or in writing to Sarah Clancy (Data Controller) Clare Public Participation Network Coordinator, CLDC, Unit One, Westgate Business Park, Kilrush Road, Ennis.
Clare PPN will not supply the information provided to it to any person or organisation not engaged in PPN work or activities.

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For further information and criteria for membership, please contact or by phone on 087 1617375.


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