Clare PPN Submission to Significant Water Management Issues Consultation August 2020

SUBMISSION from Clare Public Participation Network (PPN) 7th August 2020

Significant Water Management Issues Consultation.

The submission at the link below contains the views and recommendations of those of our member groups who participated in an online submission workshop with our Communities Water Officer and following that sent us their written submissions.

Clare PPN Submission to SWMI


Reps report on 15th September 2020 Rural Development SPC – Anny Wise

Reps report on 15th September 2020 Rural Development SPC – Anny Wise

Representative Name
Anny Wise

The two PPN Representatives were the only ones attending via Zoom – but the main committee who were in the Council chamber could not be heard by us. They could hear us but we could neither see them nor hear them. The Chair or people giving the reports were summarising what people were saying. Despite our patience being tested to the maximum we did get taken notice – in fact we were given priority as they felt guilty.

I got to ask the questions about what graveyards were available to some of the 12% of Clare’s population who are not Christian. The answer was no graveyard facilities for them other than the same as everyone else. It was then suggested that this would be discussed in the forthcoming review.

Leonard Cleary told the meeting that I had offered Pro Sweeney’s video and it was agreed that this would be covered in the November meeting.  They asked to view it before the meeting. I am to ask for this from John Sweeney.

I noticed that the Community Funding was from March to September – this would not allow many environmental projects, due to the Habitats Directive.

What does your Climate Adaptation Regional Office do?

What does your Climate Adaptation Regional Office do?

What does your Climate Adaptation Regional Office do?

On the 15th September , Clare PPN hosted an online presentation from Liam Dromey, the Climate Adaptation Regional Office Coordinator for the Atlantic Seaboard South Region which includes Co Clare. The presentation took place via zoom and was attended by people from various environmental and community groups from across Clare, Galway and Limerick.

This presentation outlined the role and function of Ireland’s four ‘CARO’s’ and was followed by feedback and questions.  The presentation \was organised at the request of Clare Environmental Network and Clare PPN’s Environmental College Member Groups and we are grateful to Mr Dromey for his willingness to engage with our members.

A PDF of the slides can be accessed here: Presentation to Clare PPN 15.09.2020

Calling all members – PPN Plenary Meeting October 12th 2020 7PM

Calling all members – PPN Plenary Meeting October 12th 2020 7PM

Notice of Plenary Meeting: October 12th 2020 at 7PM (Online)

Clare Public Participation Network invites all member groups to attend its first online Plenary Meeting which will take place on Monday 12th October at 7pm.

What is a Plenary Meeting? Plenary meetings are the main decision making forums for Clare PPN -at these meetings all member groups are invited to attend and to put items forward for the agenda for discussion or for inclusion in the work plan of Clare PPN.  At each of these meetings the staff and secretariat of Clare PPN present an update on the work, finances, and activities of the PPN from the preceding three months and present their work plan for discussion and input from member groups for the forthcoming three months.

Online Meeting: Due to the Covid-19 restrictions this Plenary Meeting will be held online via zoom.  Any member or person who would like to receive training in how to use Zoom should email and William Hederman will arrange a session with you to help familiarise you with how to participate using this tool. You will need a smart phone or computer and an internet connection to use zoom. If possible each member group should nominate someone who has these facilities to represent them at this Plenary Meeting.  If any group is unable to attend online please feel free to send us submissions or items for our agenda via email to or by calling us on 087 1617375.

Call for Agenda Items:

All current member groups can propose agenda items for this meeting on or before October 5th 2020 . Please send these using the subject line ”Agenda Item Plenary Meeting” to

Clare PPN’s representatives who sit on 11 boards and committees in the County will also have an opportunity to present updates from their committees and to take any questions or input from member groups at this meeting.

For part of this meeting Members will be split up into three groups – representing the three colleges of Clare PPN – Environmental, Social Inclusion and Community & Voluntary and asked to identify their priorities for Clare PPN to address until the end of 2020.

At the beginning of each plenary meeting we will present an introduction to the PPN for new member groups and a question and answer session will be held.

Please reserve your place at this meeting by emailing your name and member group name to on or before October 11th 2020.