Clare Climate Action Get Together and Focus Group

Clare PPN is hosting a working get together for those interested in the environment in County Clare.

It will take place on Monday July 29th from 6.30 – 9.30 pm in our premises in the Clonroad Business Park and we will provide lovely food from Moonbear catering, which means that it will be vegetarian and everything will be compostable for those attending because no one can work on an empty stomach.

Please email if you want to attend so we know what numbers to expect.

At the meeting we want to:

-Go through Clare County Council’s Draft Climate Adaptation Strategy which is currently open for submissions to get your views and ideas on it for a group submission which we will submit and to help any individual or group to make their own submission. The deadline for submissions for this strategy is August 9th.

– Advise environmental groups and individuals of the forthcoming elections for seats on the strategic policy committees of Clare County Council and explain how and why people might want to be involved.

-Discuss the Clare Environmental Network and how it and/ or Clare PPN might better serve environmental groups over the next few years.

All those interested in working for environmental sustainability and to mitigate climate change are welcome.

Don’t forget to book by emailing !


Clare PPN Quarterly Report April – June 2019

Clare PPN reports on its activities and finances to both Clare County Council and the Department of Community and Rural Development. For Clare County Council we prepare quarterly reports and for the Department we report on an annual basis.  You can read our most recent report at the link below. We welcome any comments on it from our member groups- you can drop us a mail at  Clare PPN April to June 2019 1

Clare PPN Newsletter June 2019

Here’s Clare PPN’s Newsletter for June with news of funding, events, training and other items related to community and voluntary groups in County Clare.  Just click below on this link here and it will bring you straight to the newsletter.   Clare PPN June 2019 Newsletter

Remember if you’d like anything included in our newsletters which go out approximately every two – three weeks just drop us a line on and we’ll do our best to include it.





Report on the comparative underfunding of MABS in Clare

The outgoing chair of the Money Advice and Budgeting Service in Clare, Denis Carty sent us this report linked below which documents his findings that in Clare the service receives less funding than other counties with comparable populations. He wanted us to draw this to our members attention and we thank him for his work. Please see the report below or check out this link to an infographic explaining the situation:

Report in PDF form:  A Raw Deal? The Resourcing of MABS in Clare FV PDF


Nominations are now open for Clare PPN representatives on the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) of Clare County Council.

Nominations are now open for Clare PPN representatives on the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) of Clare County Council.

The following Clare PPN representative positions are up for election:

  • Community & Voluntary pillar rep x 2
  • Social Inclusion pillar rep x 1
  • Environment pillar rep x 1

Member groups from each pillar (community & voluntary, social inclusion or environment) can nominate one candidate for that particular pillar representative position and a vote will be held for each pillar.  Only groups which were members on 28th May 2019 can nominate a candidate. If you are not sure which pillar your group belongs to please contact:

The successful candidate will be required attend six LCDC meeting per year (plus a brief pre-meeting on the same day at Clare PPN), four Clare PPN plenary meetings per year and the occasional pillar group meeting. Feedback after each LCDC meeting will also be required.  Clare PPN is now in a position to provide significant support for anyone who decides to take on this rewarding position.

The LCDC is very important (see below) and needs a strong voice from the community & voluntary, social inclusion and environmental sectors in the county.

For a nomination form please contact:

Nominations close at 5.30pm on Friday 7th June 


Aim of the Local Community Development Committee (LCDC):

  • Have primary responsibility for co-ordination, governance, planning and oversight of local development spend, whether that spend is delivered by local authorities or on behalf of the state by other local development agencies and structures
  • Bring a more coherent approach to the implementation of local and community development programmes and interventions, seeking to ensure an integrated approach to local community and local development services between providers and delivery structures
  • Drive meaningful citizen and community engagement in the scoping, planning, delivery and evaluation of local and community development programmes
  • Ensure a more efficient administration of local and community programmes and delivery structures, the appropriate matching of resources to priorities and the achievement of value-for-money in the delivery and governance of programmes and the management of local delivery arrangements
  • Develop approaches that focus on learning and feedback, enhancing the links between practice and policy development
  • Explore and pursue opportunities for additional funding resources for the area, whether Exchequer, EU, private or other sources
  • Overseeing the 6 year long Local Economic and Community Plan