Online survey aims to bring out the rainbow for Clare’s LGBTQ+ community

Online survey aims to bring out the rainbow for Clare’s LGBTQ+ community

Photo by Ted Sullivan (Creative Commons CC x 2.0)


Online survey aims to bring out the rainbow for Clare’s LGBTQ+ community

What would bring out the rainbow for LGBTQ+ people in Clare? What services and supports could make this community more visible, more connected and improve their quality of life? These are among the questions asked in an online survey launched today by LGBTQ+ Clare, a new project to establish the needs of this community in the Banner County. 

LGBTQ+ Clare would like to hear from LGBTQ+ people about how connected they are to other LGBTQ+ people in Clare, whether they feel their identity and/or gender are understood and respected, or whether they experience discrimination. 

The county-wide survey is being launched by LGBTQ+ Clare, a short-term project run jointly by Clare Public Participation Network, Clare Women’s Network, Clare Local Development Company and Rape Crisis Midwest, and supported by The Department of Rural and Community Development and Clare County Council. 

The survey will be available until the closing date of March 31st, 2021 at this link:

The survey results will help to assess what services and supports would improve local engagement and community spirit within the LGBTQ+ community in the Clare area. The organisations involved also hope to use the survey results to organise activities and opportunities including social meet-ups, political participation, campaigns and possibly a Pride event in Clare.

“The aim is to make the supports and services that are available for LGBTQ+ people in other parts of the country available to you in Clare, whether you’re in Killaloe, Kilfenora or Carrigaholt,” said Meabh Sexton of LGBTQ+ Clare. 

“Considering the pandemic, now more than ever it is important to have these local services. We don’t want members of the community traveling to other counties to avail of services that could be provided here in Clare and we need people to engage and reach out within the LGTBQ+ community.”

Njabulo of LGBTQ+ Clare added: “This is Clare reborn, we are ensuring our visibility and taking up space in society with pride. For so long, we have been invisible. We really encourage members of the LGBTQ+ community in Clare to take this survey. This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard.”

“We know there are LGBTQ+ people in Clare of all ages, we know disability activists who are LGBTQ+ and we know too that there are LGBTQ people of migrant, Traveller and Roma backgrounds in Clare and we want to make sure that we hear every voice and view possible. Hopefully this survey can help us set up ways to communicate and build a supportive LGBTQ+ community across these differences.” 

The survey is anonymous and confidential, although the findings may be published and used to inform the work of the organisations involved. No one will be identifiable from any report or publication arising from the survey.

The survey will be available until the closing date of March 31st, 2021 at this link:


REPORT TO PPN of SPC Rural Development 16th February 2021

REPORT TO PPN of SPC Rural Development 16th February 2021

by Anny Wise

This was the first meeting held completely on ZOOM.  The agenda included COVID-19 community response which was a presentation and we were asked for suggestions. But a long discussion was had.

The second presentation was on DigiClare and broadband roll-out.

Several suggestions were made especially on the location of forthcoming hubs – and that the National broadband rollout to start from Limerick Clare.  That being South East Clare towards Kilkishen and East Clare to Parteen and above.  The Eircom Infrastructure such as replace pole is to go through the planning process.

When the Climate Change and Biodiversity came on the agenda – I was asked to report. I gave information of the Wind Farm procedure going through the department of Malcom Noolan (I met him with another committee on Zoom earlier that week) and pointed out that with extreme wind if trees appear to be in danger – cut the branches and not the tree.  I gave statistic on the benefit of trees.

I than asked for suggestions from the Power Point shown at the last meeting – there were none. I than offered to make one for the next meeting and this was agreed.

The subject was to be “Methods of Home Heating.

The final point on the agenda was the fact that Clare’s Rural Development Strategy was to be reviewed – it was felt some of it was already outdated.  The Rural Development Forum was to give our committee proposed changes.

I had already asked for Jean Tierney O’Keeffe wanted to bring under any other Business

She spoke on behalf of the PPN – saying that as National Water Resources Plan meeting on Zoom on Monday 22nd February – the members were then sent a notice and link to it the following day.

National Water Resources Plan (NWRP) information and consultation event. Monday 22nd February at 6.30pm

National Water Resources Plan (NWRP) information and consultation event. Monday 22nd February at 6.30pm

Irish Water has extended its public consultation for the first National Water Resources Plan (NWRP) until 1st March. Clare PPN has been asked by our member groups to hold an information and consultation event with a view to making a community informed submission. It will be a chance to identify the issues and challenges around water supply in your area.

This will take place on Monday, 22nd February at 6.30 via Zoom. If you would like to attend please email

The draft Framework Plan can be viewed here:

The consultation information leaflet can be viewed here:

Emergency motion on CETA passed unanimously by Clare County Council

Emergency motion on CETA passed unanimously by Clare County Council

Clare PPN press release
Tuesday, 9th February, 2021

Emergency motion on CETA passed unanimously by Clare County Council

Motion brought on behalf of Clare PPN calls for full democratic debate and Oireachtas scrutiny of EU-Canada trade deal

Clare County Council has unanimously passed an emergency motion that calls on the Irish Government “to allow a full, open and democratic debate, including pre-legislative scrutiny by a Joint Oireachtas Committee, ahead of the Dáil vote on ratification of CETA.”

Clare Public Participation Network (PPN) had written to Councillors last Thursday, asking them to bring the motion, on foot of a request by a majority of member groups in Clare PPN’s Environmental College, who were very concerned at the lack of public debate and political scrutiny of CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement), a trade deal between the EU and Canada.

Proposing the motion at Monday’s (8th February) Council meeting, Cllr Donna McGettigan (SF) thanked Clare PPN for bringing the motion to her. She warned that the element of CETA due to be voted on by the Dáil, including the Investor Court System (ICS), allows multinational companies to “go straight to special tribunals, bypassing our court system and gives rights to corporations to sue national governments for compensation for loss of expected future profits.”

Seconding the motion, Cllr Cillian Murphy (FF) said that while he feels trade agreements are, “by and large, positive things, what does concern me here is the lack of public debate, legislative scrutiny and very low levels of understanding around the ratification of CETA and specifically the merits if any of the Investor Court System for Ireland. Will the ratification of CETA tie our hands with regard to introducing progressive social and environmental legislation?”

Cllr Murphy pointed out that most of CETA has been in place since 2017, and that the final element, including ICS, is “not necessary here in Ireland and will not deliver one iota of benefit for the country.”

Reacting to the passing of the motion, Theresa O’Donoghue, Co-ordinator of Clare Environmental Network, a PPN member group, said: “Members of Clare PPN have serious concerns about the lack of public and political debate and scrutiny of CETA. An issue such as this, that will have far-reaching consequences for future generations, must be properly discussed and publicly debated. We are very happy that our County Councillors in Clare respect that and we thank them for standing up for that principle.”

“Clare PPN member organisations are particularly troubled by the Investor Court System (ICS) element of CETA and the ‘regulatory chill’ effect it would have on policymaking on a wide range of issues, including the environment, public health, economic and human rights. No party has made any convincing case for why we need investor courts.”

Several other local authorities have passed similar motions relating to CETA in recent days, including Cavan, Monaghan, Leitrim and South Dublin councils.

The motion in Clare was signed by 16 members of Clare County Council: Donna McGettigan (proposer), Cillian Murphy (seconder), PJ Kelly, Ann Norton, Pat O’Gorman, Mark Nestor, Tony O’Brien, Michael Begley, PJ Ryan, Alan O’Callaghan, Pat Hayes, Ian Lynch, Clare Colleran-Molloy, Shane Talty, Bill Chambers and Susan Crawford.

Three other Councillors, Johnny Flynn, Joe Garrihy and Joe Killeen also spoke in favour of the motion. Nobody opposed the motion.


Notes for editors:
Clare PPN is a network of more than 300 community, voluntary, environmental and social inclusion groups from Clare. It exists to facilitate the formal participation by the community sector in Clare County Council’s decision making structures. It is funded jointly by the Department of Rural and Community Development and Clare County Council but is autonomous and its activities are directed by its members through an elected secretariat.

Clare PPN’s website is and they are on Twitter @clare_ppn and