Rural Development SPC – 18th September 2018 – Anny Wise

Rural Development SPC – 18th September 2018

Report by Anny Wise

Representative Name

Anny Wise

Committee Name

SPC Rural Development

Date of meeting:
  • Date / Time 09/18/2018
Your college
  • Environment
Municipal District
  • Shannon
Were you asked to raise any issues on behalf of Clare PPN members at this meeting?

Clarification of Terms of Reference of newly appointment Development Officers

Main topics discussed at the meeting:

Rural Development areas and Tourism

List any decisions made at the meeting:

Draft of Policy on Columbrium Walls discussed and approved.  Meeting the newly appointed Tourism officer and agreeing to preparing a County Clare Tourism Strategy

There have been four Local Development Officers appointed: each one having their own Municipal District. 3 attended the meeting.

Realising Clare’s Rural Potential – Our Life, Our Home 2026 has 8 objectives.

  1. 4,000 jobs in rural areas over 10 years
  2. Community-run Multi-Service Centres
  3. Towns working together and Parishes partnering each other.
  4. Managing the Environment
  5. Age-Friendly Communities
  6. Celebrating the rural way of life
  7. Broadband and Digital
  8. Transport, Education and Water
Do you require any action to be taken by Clare PPN staff as a result of this meeting?

Aspect of the Terms of reference for the 4 Local Development offices are within the approved County Rural Development plan called “Realising Clare’s Rural Potential 2016.

Public consultation on Draft Litter Management Plan

Public consultation on Draft Litter Management Plan

As part of the consultative process required under the Litter Pollution Acts 1997-2009, Clare County Council is seeking public participation in the drafting and development of the new Litter Management Plan 2019-2021.

A pre consultation process is commencing today, 24th September 2018, following presentation of a first draft to the Environment and Transportation SPC of Clare Co Council. Public participation in the consultation process is being sought through contact with the following:

– Environment and Transportation Strategic Policy Committee
– Members of Clare County Council
– Voluntary groups and organizations including Clare PPN
– Chambers of Commerce
– Clare Co Council staff

Click here to view: Draft Litter Management Plan 2019-2021

Submissions on the draft are being invited from members of the public.

NOTICE OF ELECTION – 20th July 2018

Nominations have been extended to 5pm, Friday 3rd August.

Clare Public Participation Network gives notice of its intention to conduct an election from among its membership for the following position which has become vacant:

Killaloe Municipal District Secretariat Member.

Clare PPN is managed by a board known as the Secretariat. This secretariat is responsible for running the Public Participation Network in Clare between plenary meetings where the member groups’ views and input are sought.

Clare PPN has two part time staff and an annual budget of €80,000 per year in funding which is provided by the Department of Rural and Community Development and Clare County Council.

The secretariat which is a flat structure meets four to six times per year with those meetings usually taking place in Ennis County Clare. The successful candidate will also be required to attend events and meetings organised by the PPN itself for the purposes of consulting with our member groups.

The ideal candidate will be a person who is well connected with community groups in the area and someone who has a genuine interest in increasing participation by local groups in Local Government Structures.

Current Municipal Districts of County Clare

Election Rules and Process

  • Only groups who were members of Clare PPN on Friday, 20th July 2018 are eligible to vote in this election.
  • Only groups with addresses in Killaloe Municipal District may nominate or vote for that Secretariat seat.
  • Each member group may nominate one candidate and may cast one vote in the relevant election – it is each group’s named contact person’s responsibility to consult with their own members in regard to this.

If any group is uncertain about which Municipal District they belong to they can contact us on 087 1617375 or by email to

How to nominate a candidate:

Nominations have been extended to 5pm, Friday 3rd August.

Groups wishing to nominate a candidate must seek their consent first and then send an email to: with the following information:

  • Name of Community Group
  • Clare PPN membership number (if you are unsure of this please email:
  • Name of proposed nominee.
  • Contact details of proposed nominee.
  • A short paragraph (up to 200 words) detailing the nominees’ suitability and experience for the role- this will be shared on social media and on our website in advance of voting.
  • A photo of your nominee which we may share with our members and social media followers.

Clare PPN will confirm receipt of nominations by email.

How to vote:

Following the close of nominations, Clare PPN will circulate details of candidates to eligible members and share them online and voting will be open until 5pm on Friday, 10th August. Voting will be by online survey. You must quote your Clare PPN membership number when voting. The name of the successful candidate will then be announced.

NB: Even if you have nominated a candidate you will also need to cast your vote to support their election.

If you have any questions about the election or Clare PPN in general please email:

Notice regarding Clare PPN representatives contesting Local, Oireachtas or EU elections

Notice regarding Clare PPN representatives contesting local, general or EU elections

In advance of next year’s local elections the Secretariat of Clare Public Participation Network wishes to set out the procedure and guidelines it will be following should any of those who hold representative positions for the PPN decide to contest Local, Oireachtas, or EU elections.

About Clare PPN:

Clare Public Participation Network (PPN) is open to community, voluntary, social inclusion and environmental groups based in the County. The primary function of the PPN is to allow these groups to give input and have their voices heard within the formal decision making structures of Clare County Council. The PPN is now the main way that Clare County Council connects with groups active in the county. Whenever the local authority needs people to participate in consultations or sit on the committees that form policies it will call on the PPN to select these people by holding elections from within its membership. The PPN’s role is to ensure that community groups have their own platform which is separate to those held by Councillors, TDs ,Senators, and MEPs.

Clare PPN respects every person’s right to enter electoral politics and commends those willing to step forward and work on behalf of their communities within conventional electoral politics. Clare PPN advises however, that should any person who holds a representative seat on behalf of the member groups of Clare PPN decide to contest a seat at Local, Oireachtas or EU level they will be required to step down from their PPN held position and that an election will be held within the PPN to replace them on the board or committee which they sit. This will apply from the point at which any PPN representative publicly declares their intention to contest an official local, Oireachtas or EU election.

This is in line with the national PPN User Guide as updated in March 2017 which states the following:

PPN representation is based in volunteer led organisations and, as such, is a separate process from Government Politics e.g. TDs, MEPs, Senators, Councillors etc.  Thus:

  • Elected representatives of Local Authorities, Oireachtas members or MEPs cannot be nominated through this process.
  • If anyone nominated through this process subsequently decides to enter electoral politics, they must immediately resign their PPN representative role.
  • A person who has stood for election or been co-opted or who has been an elected representative on any level of government (local, national or MEP) may not be chosen to represent the PPN on any representative role for one year after the date of the election or after completing their term of office.’

The Secretariat of Clare PPN is most grateful for the time, commitment and expertise that all its voluntary representatives bring to their positions and should any of them chose to enter electoral politics we wish them the very best of luck and are sure they will contribute greatly to their communities as they have done within Clare PPN.