Introducing Clare PPN’s new representatives

Introducing Clare PPN’s nominees for seats on Clare PPN’s Strategic Policy Committees 2019- 2024

Following the local elections in May 2019 Clare County Council’s Strategic Policy Committees had to be reconstituted as per the legislation. These Strategic Policy Committees or ‘SPCs’ for short advise Clare County Council on policies and decisions. By having seats available to outside interests they help to bring in expertise and experience from the community and voluntary, farming, trade union and business sectors. Clare PPN member groups have the role of nominating and electing all the representatives from the Community and Voluntary, Environmental and Social Inclusion sector in Clare who will sit on these committees.

On September 17th following the adoption of the ‘Draft Scheme for Strategic Policy Committees’ by Clare County Council, Clare PPN circulated a call for nominations to all its member groups for the seats we had been allocated on all four strategic policy committees. We received in total 11 nominations for the 11 available seats accross our three colleges. Although this was excellent – the nominations were not exactly aligned with the seats available; in two cases we had two nominees for one seat and none for another. Following discussions with those nominated for those particular seats we were able to reallocate the nominees to ensure that each seat had the proper number of nominees from each college. Following that we are able to announce that the following people are Clare PPNs nominees for seats on the SPCs. They will be put before our member groups for ratification at our plenary meeting on October 9th (7pm Clare PPN offices, Clonroad Business Park, Clonroad, Ennis) and following that will be sent to Clare County Council.

Economic Development SPC

Elaine Dalton – Social Inclusion Representative

Elaine D’Alton is the Project Coordinator of the NCCWN – Clare Women’s Network. Elaine is a feminist with a strong commitment to inclusion, human rights and ensuring the voices of women are brought to the forefront of decision making and their lived experiences are included and considered when structural, political and social policy development is being determined.

Emma Karran – Environmental Representative

Emma Karran is English born and has lived in Doonbeg with her family for four years. Her engagement in topics of local concern began when she became a member of the environmental group Futureproof Clare and joined the protest against the proposed LNG terminal in the Shannon estuary.
A mother herself and with links to the communities in south west Clare through her work, she wants to commit herself to deeper active involvement in the future health and well-being of the people of Clare and its land through being on the Strategic Policy Committee for Economic Development

Rural Development SPC

Annie Wise – Environment College Representative

Anny Wise is nominated by An Taisce Clare branch and was born in Antwerp Belgium in 1942. She moved to Northern Ireland in 1985 and then to Shannon in 1990. She has three degrees and studied in Sussex, Antwerp and NUIGalway. Her latest master is in Rural Development which she completed in 2006. She was first nominated to an SPC in 2006 by the Environmental Pillar and served since having been elected to represent the environment by the PPN. The SPCs she served on were were involved in transport, planning and land use.

Eugene Crimmins – Community and Voluntary Representative

Eugene is a founding member of Newmarket Village Centre Text Alert. He is a committee member and former Chair of Newmarket on Fergus Tidy Towns. A former County Arts Officer, Eugene has a long established record of community development, including having served as a board member of Obair Environmental Development Association and Clare PPN Secretariat.

Jean O’Keefe – Social Inclusion College

Jean is a Youth Work Manager with Clare Youth Service and manages The Junction Youth and Community Building. Clare Youth Service had its beginnings in 1969 when it was established as the Clare Regional Youth Council. Over the years it has changed and developed to become a leader in the field of Youth Services. It is affiliated to Youth Work Ireland (t/a NYF).  The aim of Clare Youth Service is to assist the holistic development of young people and those who work with them so that they are enabled to participate fully in society in a way which respects the equal worth of all.

Physical Development SPC

Padraic Hayes – Social Inclusion Representative

Padraic graduated with a Masters in Marketing from Limerick Institute of Technology and has worked since then in the area of administration and finance. His real passion however lies in advocacy and he is the current Chairperson of the Clare Leader Forum, which is an independent group of people with disabilities who work to create a voice on disability issues in Clare. Padraic has helped the Forum grow from strength to strength and with his support the Clare Leader Forum has now become one of the key cross-disability representative groups in Clare. At a national level Padraic has also continued to promote the rights of people with disabilities through his work with the Center for Independent Living and more specifically through his role on the Value for Money (Transforming Lives) committee

Aishling Wheeler – Environmental Representative 

Aisling is a teacher, perma-culturist, parent and climate activist. She is chairperson of Kilfenora Tidy Towns Committee. She has been involved in many environmental campaigns over the years and is currently working voluntarily with Futureproof Clare and Extinction Rebellion Ireland to raise awareness of the Climate Crisis and prepare our communities for the future.

James Giller – Environmental Representative

James Giller is a First Class Honours graduate of Computer Science from UCC and holds a Master of Engineering from Osaka University, Japan, specialising in robotics. He applies his knowledge of information technology, especially in autonomous systems, to research and engage with relevant environmental and socioeconomic issues such as industrial automation; autonomous, connected and electric vehicles; and data centres and other IT infrastructure.  James has excellent communication skills as well as experience as a representative in the UCC Student Council, where he was awarded Best New Speaker. He has hosted a number of public talks on the climate and biodiversity crisis in Ennis and given interviews on the occasion of a number of rallies and other events to both local and national media. He has also contributed to submissions on past Draft Litter Management and Climate Change Adaptation Plans from Clare County Council. James is involved in a campaign to help Ennis businesses achieve low/zero-waste.

Damon Matthew Wise Âû – Community and Voluntary Representative 

The CEO/National Secretary of NCPD. He has represented people with disabilities and environmental issues at local, county, national and international levels, including to the United Nations. Damon also serves as a secretariat member for Clare PPN and as part of Federation Trust worked with community and voluntary groups to assit them with incorporation.

Social Development SPC

Trudy Leyden – Community and Voluntary Representative

Trudy has a long interest in Social and Cultural policy. She has a Masters of Arts in Politics and has qualifications in Cultural Studies and Literature and has trained with the Clare Adult Basic Education Services and worked as an After School Homework Tutor with the Clare Local Development Company. Trudy is involved in volunteering with many organisations. She has been a Brownie Leader with the reformed Ennis Brownie Branch. She was a volunteer with the Fleadh Committee in both 2016 and 2017. She is the current Secretary with the Quin Community Text Alert Service

Noel Kearney – Social Inclusion Representative

Noel is currently serving as secretary for Clare Leader Forum. He is active in a variety of community groups  and is involved with mental health organisation Shine and with Clare Local Mental Health Forum. He organises discos and social events for people with disabilities and in his spare time he loves collecting records, reading, music, and is a big fan of films.


Draft Submission on Clare’s Draft Climate Adaptation Strategy 2019-2024

Please click on the link below to access our draft submission on Clare County Council’s Draft Climate Adaptation Strategy. We are accepting comments and input on this from our member groups and Clare Environmental Network until Friday 9th August at 12.00 midday- you can send any comments including the heading number and point letter concerned to and/or

Clare PPN Submission in respect of Clare Draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy August 2019

Join our Big Hello- Clare Intercultural Picnic

 Care PPN, Clare Immigrant Support Centre and Clare Women’s Network invite you to  

  The Big Hello Intercultural Picnic

   Saturday May 4th 2019 2pm – 4.30 Pm Clare PPN Offices, Clonroad Business Park, Clonroad, Ennis.

We extend an invitation to people from Clare, and to people living in Clare from anywhere… so whether you are from Bodyke or Bangalore, Cork or Colombia, from Limerick or Latvia, from Scarrif or South Africa consider yourself invited. We will have vegetarian food from Moonbear Catering, Moroccan food from Laila, henna tattoos and entertainment. And while we are calling it a picnic we have indoor spaces in case it rains!

We want to invite people from all the diverse communities that make up the Clare population to get together and meet us and learn about what our organisations do and how you can be involved and what better way for us to do this than to get together and share food and enjoy ourselves on this holiday weekend.  Our venue is accessible and children are more than welcome in the company of their parents or adult guardians.

Please feel free to bring food or drink from your country to share.

Please get in touch if you have any special requirements for attending and we’ll do our very best to help call or text us on 087 1617375 or email

We’d also appreciate it if you could call or text to let us know you are attending so we can make sure we have enough food and treats!

Voting Local… 

Did you know that everyone living in Clare since September 2018 is entitled to vote in the forthcoming local elections?  At our Big Hello Multicultural Picnic we will have a voter registration stand so that anyone who needs to register to vote in the local elections which will take place on May 24th can do so. If you’d like to register just bring along some photo ID and proof of address. For people in the international protection system your ID number and blue card is all you need.

Local Election Hustings – meet the candidate and voter registration events

Meet the Candidate and Voter Registration Events

Clare Public Participation Network Press Release

Clare PPN ‘Hustings’: Meet the Candidates & Voter Registration Events

Clare PPN is delighted to be hosting a ‘Meet the Candidates & Voter Registration’ event in each Electoral Area in Clare County Clare in the run up to the 2019 Local Elections. Candidates are invited to address their voters and those attending will be given the opportunity to have their questions answered by the candidates. These events will be MC’d by Peter O’Connell Editor of the Clare Champion, Gloria Callinan of Clare Local Development Company, Fiona McGarry of Clare FM’s Morning Focus programme and Christy Sinclair Secretariat Member of Clare PPN.

At each of these five events Clare PPN in collaboration with An Garda Siochana, will also be hosting a one-stop shop for voter registration where people will be assisted to register for the supplementary register of electors if they are not already registered to vote. This is important for young people, in particular those who have turned 18 or will turn 18 on or before 24th May 2019. All of those who will be 18 or over at the time of the election are eligible to vote so long as they get on the register in time.

Clare PPN would also like to make sure that those who have migrated to Ireland from other countries are aware that they can vote in local government elections regardless of their citizenship so long as they are on the register or the supplementary register and we would like to extend a particular welcome to people from all backgrounds, countries and ethnicities to attend these events and take the opportunity to get even more involved in how the communities they live in are governed.

Anyone concerned should check the register at to see if they are registered and if not they need to fill in form RFA2 ( ) and bring it and photo ID and proof of address to their local Garda Station and have it stamped and return it to Clare County Council before the cut-off point of May 7th 2019.


Or else they can just attend one of the five events listed below and bring their ID and proof of address  with them and we’ll get their registration in order for them with the help of our community Guards.

So come along, inform and be informed!!!

The dates are as follows:

• Killaloe Municipal District: 23rd April @ 7pm, Kilkishen Cultural Centre

• Kilrush Electoral Area: 24th April @ 7pm, An Teach Cheoil, Kilrush

• Shannon Municipal District: 25th April @ 7pm, Shannon Oakwood Hotel

• Ennis Municipal District: 26th April @ 8pm, Cloughleigh Community Centre

• Ennistymon Electoral Area: 30th April @ 7pm, The Falls Hotel

If you have any questions/comments please do not hesitate to email:





Want to help run Clare PPN? 4 Vacancies on our Secretariat

March 27th 2019 Notice of elections for four roles on Clare PPN Secretariat

Nominations are open for four positions on the Secretariat. The secretariat is a group of people elected from community and voluntary groups in Clare who manage the Public Participation Network between plenary meetings of its members. Four of our current secretariat members are due to step down and so we are opening nominations for their replacements. They have been brilliant and have brought Clare PPN from an idea to a network with 280 member groups, 2 staff and its own premises.  We are looking for nominees to carry on their work of building Clare PPN into a thriving network which is inclusive and has the capacity to engage with all local government and national decision making bodies that affect the wellbeing of people’s lives in County Clare.

Only groups who were members of Clare PPN on March 27th 2019 are eligible to vote in these elections.

The secretariat must keep to the following composition:

One representative for each municipal district in the County – there are currently four municipal districts in the County – West Clare, Ennis, Killaloe & Shannon.  2 X representatives from each ‘college’ of the Clare PPN – there are three colleges in the PPN – Environmental, Social Inclusion and Community & Voluntary. Each of are member groups is a member of one of these colleges.

What are the vacancies we have at present: 

Election 1:
2 Community and Voluntary Secretariat seats are open for the Community and Voluntary College member groups from every area of Clare to nominate and elect-. If your group is a member of the Community and Voluntary College you can nominate and vote for both of these positions.  Nominees must be members of a community and voluntary group that is a member of Clare PPN and must be nominated by a Community and Voluntary group that is a member of Clare PPN.  People can nominate themselves so long as that decision is agreed by their group.  Every C&V member of Clare PPN can nominate one candidate for each of these two positions which means that this time C&V groups can make two nominations.

Election 2:
1 Environmental Secretariat seat is open only for member groups of the Environmental College to nominate and elect. Nominees for this position must be members of an Environmental member group of Clare PPN and must be nominated by an Environmental member group of Clare PPN. Each environmental member group of Clare PPN can nominate one person for this role.

Election 3:
1 Municipal District Seat is open to all member groups from the Shannon Municipal District to elect whatever college they are in.  Nominees for this position must be a member of a Clare PPN member group from any college that has an address in the Shannon Municipal District. They must be nominated by a member group of Clare PPN with an address in the Shannon MD. Every member group of Clare PPN with an address in the Shannon MD can nominate and vote in this election.

Nominations will open March 27th and close on April 8th

How to nominate a candidate:

Groups wishing to nominate a candidate must seek their consent first and then must send us an email to with the following information on or before Monday April 8th at 5.00 pm:

-Name of Community Group.
-Position number for which they are nominating a candidate.
-Name of proposed nominee(s).
-Contact details of proposed nominee- phone and email.
-A short paragraph (up to 200 words) detailing the nominees’ suitability and experience for the role- this will be shared on social media and on our website in advance of voting.
-A photo of your nominee which we may share with our members and social media followers.
-Clare PPN will confirm receipt of nominations by email.

Elections will then be held by survey with voting open until April 17th. These surveys will be circulated to all eligible groups via our mailing list. 

*Please note that irrespective of how many groups a person is a member of, no individual may vote more than once for any single position. No individual can hold more than one secretariat position.

What is involved?
A minimum of six meetings per year held usually in Ennis
Email or phone contact for decisions in between meetings
Willingness to be a director of Clare PPN (company)
Attendance at other PPN events depending on availability and interests.
Willingness to work in a ‘flat structure’ with decisions taken by consensus or by vote
Possibility of being part of financial subgroup or staff liaison sub group

What are the benefits?
Opportunity to be a part of a growing positive movement in Clare.
Opportunity to help grow participation and civic engagement in Clare.
Opportunity to help provide valuable support to the community and voluntary sector.
Out of pocket expenses paid.
Training opportunities.

Diversity: Clare PPN is committed to working to represent all communities in Clare and as such we would especially welcome nominations to our secretariat from communities who feel under represented. We particularly welcome nominations of young and older people for any of the above roles (the majority of our representatives are between 35 and 65), members of the Travelling Community, those who might themselves experience social inclusion, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, and ethnic minority groups. All nominees who step forward will be subject to election by the relevant PPN member groups.