The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET)

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET)

The National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) is leading our public health response to COVID-19 and a National Action Plan was published on 16th March, setting out a whole-of-society response and mobilisation of resources across Government and society to fight the spread of the virus.  This Community Response Action Plan supports the National Action Plan and is focussed on our initial response in supporting a community response to COVID-19.

We have produced a Communications Pack for community and voluntary groups and members of the public and we would appreciate if you distribute this information across your networks, to members of your group, neighbours, friends and recipients of your service.  This pack contains:


  1. Department of Rural and Community Development – COVID-19 Government Action Plan to Support the Community Response.


  1. Information leaflet “You, Your Community and COVID-19” – We would ask that you distribute this across your communities, to individuals and in particular, those that do not have access or knowledge of digital platforms.  Maybe include them as part of a meals on wheels drop.


  1. How can I volunteer?


  1. Sensible volunteering – Do’s and Don’ts


5. Advice for local community groups – how can we get volunteers?


6.  Advice for vulnerable people who need supports


  1. How to guard against fraud and generate trust


We remind you that the HSE website is the key source for health advice: It also includes posters and other resources that can be used in your community.

Our email helpdesk facility is available to assist you with advice or queries and is open 7 days a week – C&

We thank you for your assistance in spreading these important messages.

Kind regards

The Department of Rural and Community Development

Survey for Clare community groups on response to Covid-19

Survey for Clare community groups on response to Covid-19

Survey for Clare community groups on response to Covid-19

Clare PPN and Clare Volunteer Centre are working together to make the best uses of our resources during this Covid-19 outbreak.

We are fully aware that community and voluntary groups in County Clare provide essential services to vulnerable people in our communities and that many of the people who provide these services are already working at full capacity.

We are conducting a survey of community groups so that we can see where voluntary support might be needed over the coming weeks and months.

We would really appreciate it if you could complete the short survey at the link below, as soon as possible, to let us know who you are currently serving in the county and what your organisation might need in terms of supports.


Clare PPN events cancelled and meeting rooms closed

Clare PPN events cancelled and meeting rooms closed

The Clare PPN and Clare Women’s Network offices and meeting rooms are closed and all events are cancelled until further notice as a precaution due to the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19 in Ireland.

Clare PPN staff are still working and our social media, emails and phone will be monitored. Please get in touch if you need us.
Tel: 087-1617375; Email:

For the latest information and advice from the government about all things related to #Covid19, the HSE website link is here:

Clare PPN submission – Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality

Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality

In July 2019, the Citizens’ Assembly on gender equality was established by resolution of the 2 Houses of the Oireachtas: Dáil Eireann and Seanad Eireann.

As set out in the Oireachtas resolution, the Assembly has been asked to advance gender equality by bringing forward proposals that:

  • challenge the remaining barriers and social norms and attitudes that facilitate gender discrimination towards girls and boys, women and men;
  • identify and dismantle economic and salary norms that result in gender inequalities, and reassess the economic value placed on work traditionally held by women;
  • in particular, seek to ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in the workplace, politics and public life;
  • recognise the importance of early years parental care and seek to facilitate greater work-life balance;
  • examine the social responsibility of care and women and men’s co responsibility for care, especially within the family; and
  • scrutinise the structural pay inequalities that result in women being disproportionately represented in low pay sectors.

Following on from the above, to prioritise the proposals, which may include policy, legislative or constitutional change, having regard to the legal requirements and the costs versus the potential impact.


Clare PPN submission

Clare PPN responded to a call for submissions to the Citizens’ Assembly with the following document focusing on participation in local government and it’s decision making structures:  Clare PPN Submission – Citizen’s Assembly on Gender Equality March 2020

Minutes of Clare PPN Secretariat meeting, Monday 2nd March 2020

Minutes of Clare PPN Secretariat meeting 

Monday, 2nd March, 2020

Present: Mary O’Donoghue, Fionnuala Collins, Damon Matthew Wise Âû, Padraic Hayes, Sarah Clancy, Sarah Ferrigan, William Hederman

  1. Update on meeting with Pat Dowling, chief executive of Clare Co Council, 30th Jan. Mary O’Donoghue and Sarah Clancy attended for PPN. Pat Dowling and Leonard Cleary for Clare CoCo.

Clare PPN raised the issue of the lack of support from the council for the PPN and members disillusionment with the consultation processes in particular for Climate Adaptation Strategy and Clare County Council’s Corporate Plan.

Dowling took issue with the PPN Coordinator’s role as a witness in a court case against the council. He also noted with displeasure that the PPN Coordinator had been seen in the Public Gallery with a named person who Clare Co Co has been in litigation with and that this was not acceptable.  L.Cleary noted that this has damaged the PPNs reputation within Clare Co Co.

Mary O’Donoghue clarified that the PPN Coordinator was acting for the PPN in the High Court and that in certain circumstances this is appropriate. PPN Coordinator noted that she has no control over who attends County Council meetings in the public gallery nor whether they approach her or not.

The meeting cleared the air to some degree. Dowling promised / agreed to certain things – these need to be followed up on. These include a meeting with the senior management team; and that they would in future take PPN submissions on board.

Agreed that next step should be: try to work well with new contact SEO, Bernie Hough, and to meet with senior management team. Also to request that Clare CoCo and Clare PPN would make an agreement on how consultations involving PPN should be carried out, which should be in line with DPER guidelines.

  1. Update on ongoing elections for reps and secretariat members

Four nominations for current Reps positions:

  • Hilary Tonge for LCDC on behalf of Community & Voluntary college
  • Mary Leahy for Social Development SPC, on behalf of Respond Housing (replacing Trudy Leyden)
  • Helen Liddy for Rural Dev Forum, on behalf of Social Inclusion college
  • A fourth nomination has been received – seeking clarification for which position.

No nominations for Environment College seats on Rural Development Forum. We will repeat the call-out for this.

Five positions are vacant on Clare PPN Secretariat- these will be re-advertised following Wellbeing Statement events.

New reps and pre-meetings working well. From now on, we will arrange in advance who will raise what issue at meetings.

  1. Update on recruitment of replacement support worker

William Hederman began work today, Monday 2nd March. Part Time 2 days per week. This means that Clare PPN now has the equivalent of 2 FTE staff.

  1. Preparations for Well-Being Vision Statement Workshops

Public Well-Being Statements need to be complete by end March. Need to be advertised and lined up by end of this week (Fri 6th March).

Possibility that public gatherings will be banned off due to coronavirus. If so we will look at doing them via live feed/ survey.

  1. New director needed for CLG

Fionnuala Collins had previously agreed to be a Director and will now do so.

Mary O’Donoghue nominated Padraic Hayes as a Director and Treasurer; seconded by Damon.

  1. Audit needed this year

Should Clare PPN register as a charity? Sarah Clancy/Mary O’ -Clare PPN’s purpose is not charitable as such and now that the overall funding has gone above €100k per year the original reasoning that being a registered charity would exempt us from audit requirements does not now hold. Secretariat agreed to discontinue application for charitable status.

Audit: Sarah Ferrigan got a quote of €2,400 from Majella O’Donnell. Fionnuala suggests Noonan Ó Cinnéide – Sarah Ferrigan will follow up.

  1. Fine by

Sarah Clancy missed a deadline for filing quarterly lobbying returns. She was very busy and filed one day late. (It was a nil return.) She paid the €200 fine out of her own pocket, but it was agreed she should be reimbursed.

  1. New liaison person in council: Bernie Hough, as of March 2nd

We have yet to meet her. She is a senior executive officer with the Rural Development Directorate. Secretariat asked coordinator to invite her to meet us in the PPN offices at her convenience.

  1. Migrant Forum Update

Two meetings of the Migrant Forum have taken place. Plan with CLDC’s SICAP team to hire facilitator, Alphonse Basogomba, for four days of forum. CLDC will pay his fee. Clare PPN will provide time, support and venue. Participants will be given training in: 1) local government; 2) media & representing yourself at the conclusion of four session.

  1. Making PPN effective for reps and members

Agreed to meet new Liaison Person for Clare PPN, agreed to request an agreement between Clare Co Co and PPN on how relevant consultations are conducted – with DPER guidelines as the basis. Noted that Carlow PPN has community consultation toolkit which is useful as a basis for discussion.

  1. Financial report

Sarah Ferrigan noted that she is due a quarterly financial report at end of March and will circulate to secretariat once complete. 

  1. Work report 

PPN Hustings event very well attended 125 tickets booked in total and live streaming generated more interest and support for PPN.

Planning a conference on Social Inclusion on April 17th at Temple Gate Hotel. A planning meeting for this will take place on Tuesday 10th March, at 10:30am at Clare PPN offices.


  • The death has taken place of Patrick Murphy — he was the Ennis rep on the Community & Voluntary Forum.
  • The following have been agreed with Clare Co Council: 1) A work plan for the year; 2) a memo of understanding.
  • Suggestion to get a microphone/speaker to use on table for future Zoom meetings.